Perfection Between Us

Lindsey Hale moves to a small town beach in North Carolina. She loves the smell of the ocean air, and the salty sand. In her neighborhood, they are 5 friends she meets. It turns out to be the best summer a 15 year old could have. But what happens when a bad hurricane hits, and Lindsey finds herself alone with only 3 of the friends?


2. Perfect Night

   The golfcart pulls up at the shed 10 minutes later. The adults were still dancing to 'Blurred Lines'. I spotted Meghan with a girl her age and a boy that was probably a year older than her. They were drinking soda and talking. She looked happy too. I get out with Jenna and Rikki and stare at the guys sitting in the golfcart. "Um. You guys gonna come?" Jenna asks. Tyler, Jordan, and Ridge get out and we all sat at a picnic table. Soon, the steak was ready. Jordan, Tyler, Ridge, and Rikki went to get some. Jenna stayed with me and eyed me carefully. "You gonna eat?" she asks, sipping her ginger ale. "I don't like meat." I reply. She nods and smiles. "Me either."

   They all came back with steak on a plastic plate. "Are you gonna eat?" Jordan asks, plopping down right next to me. "I don't really eat meat." I mumble. Tyler sits on the other side next to me. They eat and I sit there staring at the people dancing. I saw mom standing by two ladies. I'm guessing one was Tyler's mom. She had long blonde hair, and Tyler's stunning eyes. The other lady looks like Rikki's mom.

   After they were done eating, Give It 2 U by Robin Thicke and Kendrick Lamar came on. I was dragged to the spot where people were dancing. I look and it's Jordan. He is laughing and smiling at me. "I will dance if you dance." he promises. He started off doing the sprinkler. I laugh at him and copy his moves. Jenna and Rikki joined us. The adults started laughing. I look up and they are staring at us. I also saw Meghan on her phone, recording it. I continue dancing and laughing with them.

  When the Kendrick Lamar part came on. Tyler grabs the microphone and raps. Ridge laughs so hard that he was crying. I was too. I thought Tyler sounded really good just like Kendrick Lamar. I smile at him when he puts the microphone down.

  After that whole song the party was pretty much over. We all sat at the picnic table, giving out numbers so we can text each other. Tyler runs over to me and asked for my number. My cheeks burned really bad. I tell him my number and he gives me his. Once I got everyone's number, I got on the golfcart with Meghan and Mom and rode home.

  I woke up the next morning and checked my phone. I had a text from Tyler.

  Tyler: Hey lindsey. We are heading down to the beach today and wanted to invite you. Rikki and Jenna are going and so is the guys. Meet us at 11:00am on your golfcart at my house.

   I blushed really hard when I got this. I sit up and text him back.

 Lindsey: Ok. Sounds cool. I will meet u then.

  I get up and undress. I put on my red straplesss bikini top with a black bikini bottom that you tie up. I tie the small stings and brush my hair. I put it into a ponytail. Meghan walks in and her chin drops. "You are going to the beach? Lucky!" she shouts. My mom walks in too. "You are going to the beach?" she asks. "Yes mom. I'm going with Tyler, Jordan, Ridge, Rikki, and Jenna." Her face brightens. "Ok." she says and leaves.

  I pack my sunscreen, towel, phone, and a hoodie (incase we come back late and it's cold) in my beach bag. I throw it onto my shoulder and walk out. I get on the golfcart and met everyone at Tyler's. Tyler and Ridge were in a golfcart, Jordan was in one by himself, Jenna and Rikki were in one, and I was in mine. Tyler led the way down to beach. I followed behind Jordan.

  We finally made it. We park the golfcarts on the special board parking spot and went down onto the beach. "Why is no one here?" I ask. "This part of the beach is for the neighborhood residents only." Ridge says. Wow. This was really nice. I left my bag in my golfcart and walk with them. We all get in the warm salty water. "Let's swim out far." Tyler suggests. We swam out a little ways to where the waves were huge and at the crashing stage. "Watch out!" Jordan yells. A huge wave is curving over us and about to crash. I dive under and hit the bottom. I come up and a wave smacks me in the face. "Are you ok Lindsey?" Rikki asks me. I nod and laugh at myself.

   It was a really fun day and I really enjoyed hanging out with everyone. I could tell they all loved it like I do. Around 4:00 in the afternoon we left. About an hour later, I got a call from Rikki. "Hello?" my voice echoes through the house. Mom and Meghan probably went shopping. "Hey. I'm over at Jordan's and we were wondering if you want to come?" she asked. "Sure. Who else is there?" I ask. "Jenna is and Ridge. Tyler is gonna be here soon." she answered. I hear Ridge in the background singing. "Ok," I laugh. "I will be there in 20."

   I quickly shower and put on a red tank-top with ripped skinny jeans from Hollister. I always got jeans from Hollister. I put on my hightop converse and dried my hair. It curled up when I did, which was weird because it never did that. Then I left.

  I rode over on my golfcart and parked it by Jenna's. Rikki must've walked.  I walk to the door and knock. Rikki opens the door and I go in. Jordan was leaning against the counter and Ridge was beside Jenna, yelling in her ear. Typical Ridge. I stand with them and talk for a while. Soon Tyler comes through the door. He is holding pizza boxes. "YAY!" everyone shouted. Tyler sits the pizzas down and looks at me. "Hey Lindsey." he says, petting my head. I look up at him and smile. I was probably blushing. He must've noticed because he smirked.

  Ridge and Jordan noticed Tyler and I blushing so they decide to announce it. "AW! They look so cute!" Ridge gushed. Jordan made a heart with his hands and held it in front of me and Tyler. "Kiss! You are on love camera!" Ridge and Jordan yell. Jenna and Rikki smile. "Leave the poor girl alone." Jenna says. The room erupts with laughter, including me and Tyler.

    After all that, we sat down and watched CMT music videos for an hour. I sat next to Tyler and Jenna while Rikki sat in a chair and Ridge and Jordan on the couch. My favorite video had to be "How Country Feels" or "That's My Kind Of Night". Tyler sat very close to me, which made me like him even more. I tried to ignore his flirty actions, but then he yawned and put his arm around me. Only Ridge noticed. Well then everyone noticed after he yells "UH OH! SHIT'S GOING DOWN!"

   But what made it funny to me is that everyone looks at me and Tyler. Like really? When shit was about to go down, people look at me? Or maybe it was because Tyler was beside me and they couldn't help but look at me aswell.

   We ate pizza soon after that and drank Coke. "So...Who wants to go down to the beach for a night swim?" Jordan asks. "I do!" everyone said at the same time. "We need to get our bathing suits..." Jenna points out for everyone. "Ok let's all meet back at my house and we can ride down there together." Jordan says.

  I run into my room, throwing my clothes off. I put on my black bikini that had white polka dots and no straps. I leave my hair down and run out the door.

   I met Jenna, Jordan, and Tyler at Jordan's porch. Wow. Tyler had abs. So did Jordan but his was more noticable. I looked so unhealthy on the otherhand. My ribs and collarbone poke out but my thighs felt huge. People say my thighs are skinny but I don't think so.

   Once everyone made it here. We got in Jordan's golfcart. I sat up in front with him and Ridge, while the girls and Tyler were in the back. We headed onto the path to get to the beach and I hear laughing. "STOP!" Rikki yells between laughs. Jordan slams on brakes. We look back and Tyler is laying on the ground laughing. "Tyler fell!" Jenna says. She was crying it was so funny. Tyler gets up and runs back. He was laughing too.

   We finally got to the beach. I jump out with everyone and we run like idiots toward the ocean. I dive in and swim out. I saw Tyler inching closer and closer to me. He grabs me and puts me on his shoulders. "CHICKEN FIGHT!!!" he yells. Jordan swims over and grabs Rikki and throws her onto his shoulders. I grab Rikki's hands and try to push her off. She was way stronger and she pushed me. I flipped over Tyler and landed in the water. I felt arms scoop me up. I glance up and see Tyler. He flashed a smile and let me go. I stood up, looking over at Jenna who was having a deep make-out session with Ridge.

   We all went back up on shore and layed in the sand. We were side-by-side, staring up at the sky. It was a perfect night.

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