Perfection Between Us

Lindsey Hale moves to a small town beach in North Carolina. She loves the smell of the ocean air, and the salty sand. In her neighborhood, they are 5 friends she meets. It turns out to be the best summer a 15 year old could have. But what happens when a bad hurricane hits, and Lindsey finds herself alone with only 3 of the friends?


4. Beach Party

     The next day was Rikki's birthday. She was turning 17 so we were going to throw a party for her. Me and Jenna spent all day on the beach, putting up a volleyball net, setting up a pile of wood for a bonfire, and lining up surfboards for everyone to surf.

     I went to the store and bought glow sticks, chips, and three 2 liter bottles of Coke. While walking to the check out I bump into someone. I fall and everything goes with me. I look up to see a boy I never thought I would see again. Kaleb Ross.

   He was my big crush in eighth grade. We went out for a month and then he broke up with me in a text message, because he was with some other girl. It made me so upset that I cried in my room for hours. I wonder if he ever thought about me. Or that I still existed.

    He holds out his hand and I grab it. He helps me up and we pick up my stuff. "Kaleb...What are you doing here?" I ask. He smiles, "Well, I'm here to visit my cousin." he says. "Oh." I murmer back. His hand was still holding mine. "Do you happen to know where...Emerald Palms is?" he asks. "Uh..I live in that neighborhood." I reply. "Awesome! Can I get a ride? I was dropped off here by a bus." he says as we step in the check out line.

    Next thing I knew I was in my Camaro, driving Kaleb back to the neighborhood. Once we get there he points to Tyler's house. "That's my cousin's house." he says. My heart literally stops. I pull up in front of Tyler's and Kaleb gets out. "Thanks Lindsey!" he yells. I smile and wave. Then I pull away.

   I pull up in my driveway and get out of the car. I hurry inside to get ready for the party. I put on my pink chiffon dress that was knee-length and my silver flip-flops. I let my hair curl-up and I put on a little make-up. I got all the stuff and got on the golfcart. I look at my phone and it's 7:00.

   I finally got over to the beach and I set up tables with chair and put all the food out. I lay the glowsticks down and leave. I went to pick up Jenna and showed her what I did.

   "Wow. It's perfect!" she says. "Rikki will love this." I nod. "I know. We need to text the guys and tell them to come down quick." I say as I ran to the golfcart. "I will pick up Rikki. Tell the guys to hurry down NOW."

    I hurry to Rikki's and knock on her door. She appears there with a beautiful dress. "You have a bathing suit under it right?" I ask. "OOPS!" she says. "Go inside and change." I said, laughing at her short-term memory. She soon pops back out. "Ready?" I ask. She nods and we get on the golfcart and head down.

    When she saw it her face lit up. "Lindsey! Jenna! Guys! Oh my god this is so awesome!" she yells. My eyes adjust to four guys standing by the water. They started to get closer and I gasp. "Kaleb?" I whisper.

        Jenna ran her fingers through her hair and smiled. "He is so hot." she whispers back. "That's my ex..." I say. Soon Kaleb, Ridge, Tyler, and Jordan appear right there in front of us. it's been weird ever since the day that the boys got in a fight. They made up, but they haven't talked to me much today or the rest of the day yesterday. But now I guess was their time to say something.

      "Lindsey? You're friends with Tyler and the guys? I never knew that!" he says. "Oh, well I moved here when summer break started." I said, staring into his eyes. He smiles and looks down at his feet. It was a very awkward moment. But as usual, Ridge broke it. Thank you Ridge.

      "Let's go SWIMMIN!!!" He yelled and threw off his polo shirt. I tugged my dress off. When it was off, all four boys stared, while Jenna and Rikki were running off.It was a bikini that they have seen me in before. Why so drooly now? Ridge snapped out of it quick but the others didn't. "C'mon." Ridge mumbled. We all ran with him into the water.

      We swam around for a few minutes, then decided a chicken fight. But this time, everyone played. Except one person...Tyler. Kaleb had swooped me up before anyone else and put me on his shoulders. Rikki had Jordan and Jenna had Ridge. I was the first to fall, because I felt sorry for Tyler. I knew Kaleb wanted me back, and tried to show off his love for me. But I didn't like it at all.

      After that we went and sat on our surfboards and ate. I drank my Coke, trying to ignore the conversation between the guys. "If there was one girl here that you'd do it with, who would it be?" Kaleb asks, imeadiately looking at me. I look back down at the sand, nervously gulping down coke. "Probably Rikki." Jordan said, smiling at her. Hoots and hollers filled the air. "I'd choose Lindsey." Kaleb says, grabbing my wrist. I look up and I notice Ridge's face. It was the classic 'Don't fall for him' face.

       Truth is, I don't even like Kaleb anymore. If he can't see that then he is blind. Because you could easily find out what was wrong with me by my face. He knows I don't like him, so why does he want me back so bad? God only knows why.

     When everyone finished eating, it turned into truth or dare. "Rikki, truth or dare?" Jenna asks. "Dare." she picks. "I dare you to lick Jordan's ear." she says. Rikki marches over to Jordan and licks his ear. Jordan was strawberry red after that. "Kaleb, truth or dare?" Rikki asks. "Uhmm...Truth" he murmured. "Is it true that you still have feelings for Lindsey?"

    Everyone's face went pale. "It is true." he says proudly. "Awwww." Rikki and Jenna gush. "Lindsey, truth or dare?" Kaleb asks. "Dare." I reply. The smirk on his face said it all. I really regret it now. "I dare you to go skinny dipping with me in the ocean." he said. Everyone gasped and laughed except for Tyler. "No Kaleb." I said, shaking my head. "Why not?" he asks. "Because, I know what you're trying to do." I snap back at him. "What am I trying to do Lindsey? It is truth or dare! C'mon lets do it." he yells. He grabs my arm and pulls me toward the water.

     When we reached the water, he tried to push me in. "NO!" I scream. "Yes Lindsey!" he yelled. I look back and Tyler, Jordan, and Ridge are running toward us. "Stop!" Jordan snaps at Kaleb. Kaleb picks me up and goes further into the water. The boys hurry behind him. I wiggle around in Kaleb's arms but couldn't get free. A wave crashes over us, knocking me and Kaleb down.

     Kaleb stands up, we were both coughing. He still had me wrapped in his arms. "Put Lindsey down!" Ridge yells. It was already getting dark and was about to storm. "PUT HER DOWN!" Jordan yells again. Kaleb puts me down then punches Jordan in the throat. Tyler swims to me and rubs my bare arms. "You ok?" he asks. I nod, tears running down my face. I see Kaleb behind him, about to push him down. "RUN TYLER!" I scream. He frantically swims off. But he was too late, and Kaleb pushed him under and held him there. "KALEB STOP!" I scream, crying at the same time.

     Jenna and Rikki were standing on shore, watching in horror. A wave hit me and I go under. I come up coughing. Jordan and Ridge were beating up Kaleb as Tyler coughed up loads of water. I honestly felt like dying. Rikki's birthday was a disaster. It is all Kaleb's fault. Now he is trying to drown his own cousin.

      Kaleb grabs me and runs off. he pushed Jenna and Rikki out the way and got onto Tyler's golfcart and drove off with me. He stops in the woods pushes me against the tree. "Kiss me." he ordered. "No!" I yell, disgusted by his act. "I said KISS ME!" he forced. His lips slam into mine. "LINDSEY!" Tyler's voice yells, each sound got closer and closer. I push away from Kaleb but he grabs me. Tyler knocked him off and picks me up. He runs back down to the beach with me.

   This, was a bad night. But it was getting even worse.

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