I loved you

Hello my name is Priscilla styles my brother is famous yes but plz don't tell but I could tell my brothers lads like me


1. about me

Well my name is Priscilla styles I hate my brother we go to the same school and the worst part is we are twins I get all the guys but I'm not a player my brother is tough and there scared of and his lads they rule the school but I dyed my hair blonde with pink tips and my eyes are blue anyway we might be twins but I changed myself I didn't wanna look like my brother and you wanna know something cool my eyes change to icy blue eyes to green eyes like Harry's or like Liam's eyes it changes by what I wear but not like not natural colors I used to have brown curly hair but now I straighten it and right 6:00 *beep beep beep* time to wake up I said I went to go take a shower And put warm water on since it was cold and sang strong by one direction then I sang baby I by Ariana grande after I was done I got my towel and blow dried my hair and combed my hair and curled it and went to my walk on closet and grabbed some boots and a sweater crop top and some mid waist shorts I loved crop tops and mid waist shorts they were Learjet mid waist shorts and I put some perfume on and went to go brush my teeth and went downstairs and I saw Harry eating breakfast bye I said to Harry where are you going he said to school I said its to early he said who cares bye I said as I got my keys I got in my car and arrived to school with my mates harry has his mates and I have mine but Harry cares to much even though I have a boyfriend he is with my friend but I call them mates. Priscilla:hey mates. Mates:we missed you how long have u been here. Priscilla:lol I just got here. Mates:look who's coming. Priscilla:who. Mates:behind you. Priscilla:who omg harry is here I'm going to die Harry:hello my little baby sis. Priscilla:you older than me by 5 seconds Harry:whatever baby sis where is your boyfriend Priscilla:I don't think he's here yet. Did I tell you guys that he is the caption of he football team and I'm the caption of the cheerleader team

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