Your mine

Chloe Daniels was a normal girl she had to go live with here dad in Holmes Chapel but will happen next when she meet Harry Styles
Unit she met him she thought Vampires didn't exist she thought they were scary stories
But when she find out she was mind to be with one what will she do?


1. Chapter 1

Chloe POV

 Okay I guess I should start off with a brief description of myself. My full name is Chloe Anna Daniela I grew up in Ashford with my mum Carla I'm 16 year old, almost 17. I have waist length Blonde/brown wavy hair I'm about 5ft 4 and I want to be an archeologist 


Right now I'm sat in a car with my dad he picked me up from my house about half an hour ago I said goodbye to my mum whilst my dad packed my bag into the back of the car I'm going to miss my mum. I've lived with her for as long as I can remember I would miss her, I would miss school, I would miss Ashford and most of all I would miss my best friend Amy and my boyfriend Danny  

Danny and I had been together for almost a year I know it not long but I really did like him and he really cared about me. When I told him I was leaving we fell out and didn't talk for 3 days it was longest we've gone without talking. but he came over last night and apologized to me and me made up. He so adorable with his blue eyes and his  slept honey brown hair. Mum let him spend the night. Yes,in my room mum seem to trust us and know we won't  do anything reckless I fell asleep wrapped in his arms. young love, I known.

I had spent all yesterday with Amy. She was the most amazing friend you can dream of having. she always there for me through everything. There were a lot of' tears when it come to saying goodbye to each other. I'd know here ever since I came here. She had guy falling all over her with her shoulder length dark brown hair and bright blue eyes. she never took notice of them though because she had a boyfriend called josh. They were absolutely crazy for each other, but she would drop anything when it come to her best friend. I would miss her with all my heart, but she said she would call unit I get settled in.

My Mum started crying as I watched her in rear mirror of my dad car. Her plane left on Friday but I decided to leave today(Wednesday)to give her space so she can pack. I have the rest of the week and the weekend to get settled in and find my way around my new home town until I start school on Monday.

So here I go on a 4 hour car journey to Holmes Chapel  to live with my dad , chief of police, for god know how long's. I rest my head against the window and slowly drift to sleep as I think about what going to happen with my new life.



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