One Direction Imagines

One Direction imagines and preferences.
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3. You're Perfect To Me (Harry)

You're Perfect To Me (Harry)

You and Harry have been dating for quite a while. And, like every Saturday night you had been with him, today you were over at his place for dinner. You always looked forward to these nights every week, when it was just the two of you. He always made the dinner, and even though you were hopeless at cooking, he would let you help. Tonight he had made your favorite dinner—spaghetti, bread—basically, and Italian dinner. But you do not feel like eating tonight. You poke at your spaghetti with a fork, shaping different faces on your plate as you listed half-heartedly to Harry talk. Suddenly you noticed that Harry had stopped talking.

"Sorry, um, what did you say?" you ask sheepishly. Harry gives you a worried frown.

"I asked if you’re okay. Is there something wrong with the food? You haven’t touched anything on your plate. Is there something wrong?"

You cast your eyes downward, wanting to tell him the truth, but not wanting to ruin his day. “You can tell me,” he says. Tears begin to fall down your face, and you tell him about it all. About the hate you were getting from his fans. Everyday since you had started dating Harry, you had been receiving cruel tweets, but this morning was the worst so far. People had called you many names, but the one that hurt you the most was ‘fat’. You had always been conscious of your weight, but you had stopped worrying about it for a while now. But thanks to those tweets, your worry was back. You knew that there were many prettier and thinner girls out there for Harry, and you really did not want to loose him. Therefore, you decided to stop eating and lose some weight. Harry, after listening to you, got up and hugged you.

"No no no," he said, "You’re not fat at all. You’re beautiful, can’t you see that?" You still couldn’t stop crying. "Come with me." Harry leads you to the weighing scale in the storage room. "Wait right here," he commands as he leaves the room. A few seconds later, he comes back with a sharpie. "Alright, step on the scale," he says. As you step on, you brace yourself for a number that you know will be too high. But when you look down, you see that Harry has written "Perfect" over the screen.

"Okay? Now, go back and eat your dinner," Harry commands as he takes you by the hand. Once you had eaten all of the food on your plate, he brings you back to the scale. He picks you up and places you on the scale. "See? You’re still perfect. No matter what, you’re perfect to me.”

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