One Direction Imagines

One Direction imagines and preferences.
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4. Some Amazing Guy (Liam)

Some Amazing Guy (Liam)

You are at one of your best friend’s parties. It’s the biggest one she’s hosted all year, and there are a countless number of guests. You are not a big partier, but your friend is, so you go to all of them, even if you do not feel up for it. Tonight, the house is stuffed with people, with barely enough room to breathe. Knowing that your bestie will not notice your absence for a while, you step outside into the backyard. You sit out in the cool night air, breathing in the freshness of it. After a few moments, you pull out your phone and begin to read the missed texts you should have responded to a while ago. Soon enough, though, you close your phone with a sigh. Your brain is too tired to deal with your ex-boyfriend. You had just broken up with him last week, and for some reason, he was not getting the message that you two were over.

As you close your eyes for a minute, another person walks out of the house and onto the deck. He also sits down and sighs. A moment passes, then he asks you, “Tired of the noise too, huh?”

"Yeah," you admit.

"Same. I’m usually more into parties, but today I didn’t really want to go. Louis made me. He says I’ve been too ‘boring’ ever since I broke up with my girlfriend." He sighs again. "I guess that doesn’t really matter to you, though. What’s your name?"

"No, it’s fine. I can understand what you're going through. I’m going through something similar. Oh, um, and I’m (Y/N). What’s your name?"

"I’m Liam" the boy answers.

It turns out that you and Liam have a lot in common. You sit together and talk the night away. Soon you are shocked to see that the party is over. Liam notices too. A boy, older than Liam, calls to him from across the yard. “C’mon, Liam, time to go!”

"Coming, Lou," Liam calls back, standing up. He turns back to you. "I have to go now," he says.

You grin. “Yeah, I heard. So did the rest of the neighborhood.”

Liam laughs nervously. “That’s Lou for you.” He hesitates. “Well, um, I was wondering…” he begins, “I was wondering… Maybe we could get together sometime soon?”

Your smile widens and your heart soars. “Yeah!” you say, hoping your voice does not sound too eager. “I’d love to!”

"Okay," Liam says. "Well, do you want my number?"


"Alright, it’s…" well, I’ll just write it down." He pulls out a piece of paper and a pen and scribbles down his number. Louis yells to him again. "There you go," Liam says as he hands the paper to you. "See you soon, (Y/N)." Then Liam takes off, running across the yard to where Louis and three other figures were standing.

"Bye!" you call. As the car drives down the street, you watch it recede into the distance. You stand there for a while, holding the slightly crumpled sheet of paper.

"Who was that?" your friend, who has just walked up from behind you, asks. "Oh, some guy. Some amazing guy."

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