One Direction Imagines

One Direction imagines and preferences.
I am currently not taking any more requests because of school. If you want, you can check out my 5sos fanfic, though.


2. Snow (Louis)

Snow (Louis)

You walk out the doors of the restaurant that you work at. The lunchtime craze was over, and so was your shift for the day. You were tired from working all morning, and could not wait to get home, which was just a short walking distance away.

You zipped up your jacket as you began your snowy trek home. It had just snowed a few days ago, and most of the sidewalks had not been shoveled. But the roads were too narrow to walk on without being flattened by an oncoming car. So, you had to make your way through the foot high layer of snow. You were almost at the end of the first block when suddenly a snowball hits you from behind. You whirl around, looking for the culprit. You see your boyfriend, Louis, behind you, reaching down to scoop up mor snow.

"Oh no you don’t," you mutter as you quickly bend down to make a snowball of your own.

By now, Louis has formed his second snowball. He grins when he sees what you were doing. Just as you get up to throw yours at him, he tosses his towards you. When you dodge it, you shout, “Ha, missed!” and throw yours. You and Louis continue to pelt snowballs at each other until his fingers go numb from the cold. Then Louis takes off running towards your house, in search of shelter. You chase after him. He reaches your house first, and scrambles to unlock the door with the key you had given him. You manage to get to him before he can open the door, and throw the last snowball at him, hitting him between his shoulder blades.

”I win!” you crow.

Louis turns around and lifts you off the ground. “No you don’t,” he says, “I do.” And then he kisses you.

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