One Direction Imagines

One Direction imagines and preferences.
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10. Niall Imagine For Sydney

Coffee (Niall)

You walk into a coffee shop, closing the door quickly so the cold does not get in. You sit down at a table and close your eyes for a minute. Suddenly, you feel a tap on your shoulder. “Um, excuse me.”

You look up to see a blonde haired boy with blue eyes next to you. “Um, I was wondering if I could share this table with you… you see, the rest of the tables are full, and I won’t be long.” He seemed to be a nice guy, so you let him sit down.

"Soooo…" you say, trying to bring up a conversation, "What’s your name?"

"Niall," the boy says. "What’s yours?"

"Sydney," you say.

"Nice to meet you."

You were about to ask him another question when a waitress walked over to you. “What do you guys want today?”

You give her your order (a sandwich and tea), and Niall gives his. It takes quite a while for your orders to come, but in the meantime, you and Niall get to know each other quite well. Apparently, he works at a supermarket on the other side of town, and, is single.

When you finish your small sandwich and tea just as Niall finishes his food. You reach for your purse, trying to find money, but Niall stops you. “Here, I’ll pay for it,” he says.

Surprised by this kindness, you smile. “Thanks,” you say. “Maybe I’ll see you another time and repay the favor.”

Niall smiles back. “Yeah,” he says. “I’ll probably see you soon then.”

Over the next few weeks, you meet up with Niall again each week at the coffee shop. It became a routine, and one that you really enjoyed. But one week, Niall does not show up. Thinking that he is probably sick, you wait for the next week, but again, he does not show. You decide to go over to the supermarket, the only other place you knew that he could be.

When you enter the store, you walk right up to the cash register and ask, “Is Niall Horan here today?”

The guy at the register says, “Yeah. He’s in the back, sorting the cereals, if you want him.”

You nod your thanks and walk down the isles to the cereal section. There, Niall is standing, next to a large pile of boxes. You are about to call out to him when a girl approaches and greets Niall. You cannot hear their conversation, but they obviously know each other. When the girl gives him a big hug, you stiffen, then turn around and head out of the store.

"Did you find him?" the guy at the register asks you.

"Yeah, I did," you mutter. "Thanks."

You suddenly hear footsteps behind you. “Sydney!"

You spin around, and find yourself face-to-face with Niall. “What?” you ask frostily.

Niall looks taken aback by your tone. “What’s wrong?” He asks after a moment.

"I was worried about you when you didn’t turn up at the coffee shop for two weeks in a row. I had thought that you were sick or something, and I wanted to make sure that you were all right. So I went here, to see if I could contact you. But it turned out that you weren’t sick. You were just busy with another girl, and did not have time for me."

Niall shakes his head. “I was sick last week, and this week I had to make up for the days I missed. I didn’t forget about you. And the girl back there is my cousin. We’re best friends, but she couldn’t replace you.”

"Really?" you ask.

"Yes. Now, how about tomorrow we go out somewhere for dinner, so I can make it up to you?" Niall suggests.

You grin. “I’d love that.”

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