Chasing The Sun (The Wanted Fanfic)

It's the Apocalypses. There's Zombies everywhere. The guys of The Wanted,their girlfriends ,and younger siblings try to get a cure for Agness, Jays' four year old sister who is very sick. This story is full of adventure , action , heartbreak, and you might even cry because of it's tragic drama.


2. Leaving Part 2

                                      (Nathans POV)


         I woke up and I went over to wake up Jay. He woke up and we started waking everyone up. "Kylee, Norah wake up we're leaving."I whispered. They got up along with the others. " Buddy system?"I asked Jay. "Good idea Nate."Jay replied looking up at me.  "Older kids go with younger kids."I told them. "What?"Eveney asked confused."Buddy system."I said like she should know the drill. "Jay Agness. Tom Jaelynn.  Siva Safaa and Eveney. Alexis you can go with Jay. Jeremy Cami with Max. Norah  Kylee with me."I said putting us into groups. 



                                              (Hours later)  (Agness 's POV)

 (What shes' thinking)


            Why do we have to walk every where?Why does it have to be quiet?Why i'm I sick? I'm a grow up to a princess and have a castle on a rainbows. "Jay are we there yet?"I asked my older brother. "Um, almost one more mile."He said back to me. Mile? Oh well.



                                         (30 minutes later)(Eveneys' POV)


       After a while of walking we got to a jungle in the middle of nowhere. Jay spotted a tree house big enough that all of us could live there for now. 




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