Chasing The Sun (The Wanted Fanfic)

It's the Apocalypses. There's Zombies everywhere. The guys of The Wanted,their girlfriends ,and younger siblings try to get a cure for Agness, Jays' four year old sister who is very sick. This story is full of adventure , action , heartbreak, and you might even cry because of it's tragic drama.


7. Leaving Once Again



                                         (Jeremy's P.O.V.)


         "Huaghg," Kylee throws up again. I rub circles on her back, and keep her hair pulled back. Nathan walks into the room, algong with Jay. "How's she doing?" Jay asks. "Bluagh," she pukes again. "I'll take that as a not so good," Jay says. They come and sit down next to us. "Jeremy, go hang out with everyone else. We'll take care of her,"  Nathan says. I nod my head, and leave the tree house.


                                  (Jay's P.O.V.)


      I really worry about her. She's like a second sister to me. So, now if both her, and Agness is sick, this isn't good. "Where'd Jeremy go?" she asks. "He's outside with everyone else," Nathan replies. She nods her head. "Am I going to turn into one of those...things?" she asks, scared. Nathan chuckles a bit, "No. You just have a stomach bug, that's it."  She nods her head again. Alexis runs in in a bit of a panic. "We have to get out of here. Max just got back from scouting. He's says they're coming," She says quickly. Nathan, and I quickly get up, and start packing everything. Alexis runs over to help, Evaney and Cami come in and help out too. "What are we gonna do with Kylee?" Alexis asks Nathan. "We'll have to carry her," Nathan says. 



Everything was packed, and we all start going into the forest. Jeremy was carrying Kylee, I was really worried about her. She looks even worst then before. "Where is we goin? I liked da twee house," Agness tells me. "We're going to find a new home, that one was working anymore," I say, not wanting to scare her. We haven't really tolled her whats going on. If we did, she'd never sleep. We're just better off not telling her. She has no need to know that the living dead are among us, destroying our world.

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