Chasing The Sun (The Wanted Fanfic)

It's the Apocalypses. There's Zombies everywhere. The guys of The Wanted,their girlfriends ,and younger siblings try to get a cure for Agness, Jays' four year old sister who is very sick. This story is full of adventure , action , heartbreak, and you might even cry because of it's tragic drama.


5. A Great Morning



                (Max's P.O.V.)


                       I wake up, and decide to go wake everyone up. I go over to Jeremy's bed, but he's not there? A thought pops into my head, what if he's with Kylee? I walk over to Kylee's bed, but she's fast asleep, with Jeremy no where near her. I look around the tree house, but he's not there. I go outside, and see Jeremy, Jay, Nathan, Norah, and Siva are all awake, talking, and laughing. I sigh with relief. "Hey guys!" I say, walking over to them.


           (Kylee's P.O.V.)


                       I wake up, and scoot forward a bit, hopping for the warmth of Jeremy. I open my eyes, confused. I realize it's day time, and I'm the only one sleeping. I sit up, and see that I have Jeremy's jacket on, and an extra blanket. I stand up, and pick up the blanket, and take off the jacket, and set them on Jeremy's bed, which is on the other side of the tree house. I walk outside, where everyone is laughing, telling jokes, eating, just having fun. I smile when I see Jeremy, and go sit by him. "Morning," He smiles. "Morning," I reply. Max and Nathan both look at us. Nathan pats the seat next to him, "Kylee, come sit next to me," He says. I sigh, and go sit next to him. He leans over and whispers in my ear. "Stay away from him, remember?" He asks. I nod my head, "Sorry." Norah hands me a small plate of food. "Here you go," and she walks off. I lean over to Nathan, "Why do you have to be so strict? You know Jeremy's a good guy. Why don't you trust us?" I ask him. "Because, your only twelve. I worry about you, I don't want him to break your heart," He says. "Please Nathan, loosen up a bit?" I ask him. He sighs deeply, "Alright, just be carful. But, I need to talk with Max before I can make any final decisions," He says. I smile, and nod my head. "I'll go talk to him," he says standing up. I watch as Nathan and Max are talking. Max nods his head, and looks at Jeremy, then at me, then back to Nathan, and says something. Nathan walks over to me, "Max says it's ok. You and Jeremy are fine to be together. Just don't take thing too far," He says. I nod my head, smile, and run over and sit with Jeremy. "Nathan and Max said there going to loosen up, and let us be together," I smile. "Good," and with that, he kisses my cheek. I blush, and look at the ground.

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