You chose me

This movella is mostly dedicated to Harry girls. But I want to engage every lad into this story.
I quite fancy Matty from The 1975 and Ashton Irwin from 5SOS so they may appear in the story:)


6. 6.

I am already standing in front of the building in Camden and waiting for Harry to arrive. He should be here in any…

“I am so sorry, the traffic here was terrible.” Harry suddenly appears in his navy blue coat. His hair is casually hiding a bit of his forehead. He looks…professional.

“That´s ok. Ready?” I ask him and take a deep breath.

“Let´s do this” he sighs and we both step inside.

From the beginning I thought we are going to his office, not his apartment. I guess I was wrong. The lift takes us to the fifth floor. There are six apartments with huge wooden door. Harry knocks on the one of them and a man opens the door. He is tall, not like Harry but still. His light hair done in a quiff reminds me of David Beckham´s. He is wearing a sweat pants and white shirt but I don´t mind. I like casual.

“Hey Payno, thanks again for having us here” Harry tells thankfully and I smile politely.

“This is Noel Newman” Harry announces with a smile and I blush a little. He looks more like a model than a lawyer. I was expecting an old guy with long beard and very bad sight. This version is more handsome, of course.

“I am Liam Payne, nice to meet you Noel” Liam replies and shakes our hands.

“Let´s go inside then, shall we?” he adds and Harry and I nod. His apartment is spacious with lots of light. The furniture is black and minimalistic. Quite a view. Liam sits us on the black leather sofa and brings us glasses of water. Harry smiles at me reassuringly and I just exhale. I hope this will help.

After we told him the whole story and showed all reports Liam leans himself against the sofa loudly and scratches the back of his neck.

“So what do you think?” Harry asks him and I just wait for him to reply.

“Firstly, Josh Bennet is an idiot. He deliberately lowered these numbers aware of you, Noel, to find it out. If we put it on court, there is 50 per cent chance he would get convict though. There is no direct evidence that you didn’t do it-“ Liam sighs and Harry cuts him off.

“She didn´t-“ he says and I half-smile at him. I want to cry right now.

“I know she didn’t” Liam adds and looks at me. I feel his eyes on me and I quickly look away not to show my weakness.

“We could make him admit it. Somehow.” Harry quickly breaks the silence. I am glad he did that. Liam laughs at his response.

“That’s one option” Liam replies and covers his mouth with left hand. His eyes get smaller when he smiles. It´s cute though.

“What´s so funny about that? Seriously, we could get him scared a little” Harry sounds excited and I join his excitement. I want that fucker get scared as shit.

“Well, count with me on that. I want to see him down as well” Liam adds and gives me the smile. Seriously what´s with this boy? He is so cute.

“We need someone…Some big name would help. You know, to scare the shit out of him” Harry thinks out loud and scratches his chin.

“We could make him think the company lost all the money and we are broke. It´s his money in it too. He would be devastated” I add. I like this plan as hell. Harry gives me a quick look and his smile gets wider. Then he looks back at Liam. All of sudden he stands up.

“Zayn. Zayn could help. I mean Grincham Enterprise is quite a big fish on the market. It could work!” Harry adds full of enthusiasm.

“I don’t want more of your friends to get involved, Harry. It´s too much to ask” I suddenly reply. It´s true. I can´t let it go that far.

“It´s my fight too, Noel. You won´t change my mind” Harry replies and I shiver a little. This is really too much from me to ask. And what if Zayn says no? What then? I will feel bad and embarrassed. And what if something goes wrong? Zayn would hate me for ruining his company and maybe end up in jail. I can´t risk it. It´s my problem, not anyone else´s.

“Can you let us alone for a minute, Liam?” Harry´s husky voice breaks the chain of my thoughts. I get taken aback by his question. Liam just nods and walks away. It´s a little rude from Harry. This is still Liam´s apartment. They must be really good friends then.

Harry sits next to me and his fingers got intertwined on his knees. He is too tall for this sofa. I just give him the empty look.

“Listen to me carefully, Noel.” After a moment he goes on.

“I am not doing this because of the work, or acknowledge, or the skills I have. I am doing this as a friend. I know it sounds a little weird to call you my friend when we got drunk just twice. But. This the most important part. You are a good person, Noel. Too good to get screwed by the shithead like Bennet. I can´t let you be in this alone. And my friends too, for that matter. So, stop with these excuses. We are going to show him how it´s done no matter what.”

I laugh at the last sentence. My eyes got a little watery while his speech but it´s alright now. I am smiling like an idiot at Harry. He suddenly grabs my hand and squeezes my knuckles. I was surprised at first but then I realised how much I needed that. 

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