You chose me

This movella is mostly dedicated to Harry girls. But I want to engage every lad into this story.
I quite fancy Matty from The 1975 and Ashton Irwin from 5SOS so they may appear in the story:)


20. 20.

330 days after

Things were great for the past few weeks until I went to get some coffee.

“I am sorry, but the payment was denied. The problem is in your debit card, Ms.” The girl from the other side of the counter announces. What the fuck.

“I can try one more time” She tilts her head to the side after I gave her my freak out- look. I nod and she repeats it again.

“The same” She adds and hands me my now totally useless card. I quickly give her the money and put the card to my jacket pocket. She smiles at me and then I storm outside.

What´s going on? This has never happened to me. I should go to the bank. Yeah. That´s a good idea.

The minute I decided on visiting bank I realise I know about one thing that could freeze my account.  Actually, that´s not “my account” since I have everything covered by the company name.  


I automatically dial Harry´s number.

“I think I have a problem” I announce to the phone while standing outside the coffee shop with now not so hot tee.

“What kind of problem?” Harry picks up quickly.

“My card was just denied and that never happens to me and I think it has something to do with Bennet” I reply worriedly.

“Are you sure?” Harry responds after a while.

“I am going to the bank to see what actually happened and then I let you know, okay?”

“Ok. Call me after. I love you.” And then he hangs up.

I went to Harry´s place right after.

“So?” Harry sits next to me on his sofa.

“So, I am not capable of withdrawing money or just simple paying. The money hasn’t totally disappear though. The only reason of getting them frozen is that someone was trying to transfer £50,000 on other account. So bank automatically stopped the transfer because it seemed suspicious. The problem is that their way of preventing something like this to happened again, is unable me to use my account for a few days” I say in one breath.

“Bennet was manipulating with your money, Noel” He is more concerned than I am right now.

“I know, but technically there´s nothing wrong” I tell him reassuringly but that just doesn’t work.

“Technically? Stop lying to yourself. He is doing proper shit for almost a year now. I don’t know what other wake up call you need” His fingers are intertwined with each other and that just adds the seriousness to the atmosphere.

“I am tired of this, you know?” I say and stand up to walk a little. “Is there any way of helping him?” I ask him even though I know the answer.

“Yes. Call the police, and wait.” He says and I just inhale heavily.

“I haven’t really helped, have I.” Harry stands behind me and puts his head on my shoulder. His facial hair tickles my neck but I don’t laugh.

“That´s ok. I wanted to hear your opinion either way” I turn my face him and smile.

“You don’t have to smile when you´re not feeling like to.”

His words somehow untie my whole body and I frown at him.

“Can I just stay here with you?” I ask hoping he will lock me her for forever.

“I love how you still feel the urge asking me this” He says and hugs me in the second. This feels right.

“Mhmm” I mumble to his shirt and let my eyes closed enough so they couldn’t show the tears.

Sometimes I ask myself what a great good I have done in my life so I deserved someone like him in my life.  I don´t know any.  But I am still afraid that one bad decision could take him from me. I guess that´s my biggest fear.

“I will talk to Bennet the next morning” I break the hug to look at him.

“Do you want me to be there? Or I could call Zayn.” His mouth moves so slowly.

“Niall would be a great support.” We both laugh at my comment.

“He would just punch him and that would be it” Harry adds.

“Still, I prefer you.” I give him I love you- smile.

“Babe” he adds and encloses his lips to mine. 


I havent written for a long long time. For those who actually read this story- I am sorry:) I love you x. 

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