You chose me

This movella is mostly dedicated to Harry girls. But I want to engage every lad into this story.
I quite fancy Matty from The 1975 and Ashton Irwin from 5SOS so they may appear in the story:)


19. 19.

266 days after

“Becca? Could you please get me the revenue report?” I ask with just my head in the door. I don’t like showing myself outside the office. Becca just nods and dials someone. I guess she is calling the fifth floor. There are some new interns.

I sat myself and comfortably put my feet on the desk while being barefoot. It´s been a long time since I talked to Bennet. We had signed the contract with Grincham Corporation more than a month ago and I still don’t know if the numbers have changed. My mind have been taken away by everything what happened between me and Harry and I´ve completely put my work aside.

A knock interrupts the chain of thoughts and I quickly put my shoes back on.

“Come in” I shout and try to look more serious.

“Here´s the report, Ms. Newman” The dark haired boy hesitantly enters the door. I´ve seen him here for a few times. God, they hire 18 year old boys. When I was their age I didn’t want to hear a thing about job or being a fulltime grown up. I guess times have changed.

“Thank you. You can just put it on my desk” I say while trying to find my shoes. He giggles at me and then in second he gets being scared again. He puts it on the free space on my desk and nods.

“It´s behind your chair” He suddenly speaks up and I just give him my huh?- look.

“The other shoe.” Then I laugh loudly and scratch my forehead. I turn to reach the missing shoe and put it on.

“Thank you-“ I say while leaving a sentence open so he could tell me his name.

“Calum. Oh you´ve meant my last time. Calum Ho-“ I don’t let him finish it.

“Thanks again Calum” I smile at him once again and he smiles back. He is a nice lad. And frankly I am glad I prove that I am not that cold- hearted boss as everyone thought I was.

When Calum closes the door I finally open the papers he has left me here. I could have easily emailed few people and get the report on my computer but this is the proper report which we archive in safe for cases like this one.

Numbers are back in normal. Incomes and outcomes seem normal. Numbers of sales look quite average so basically there are no surprisingly high values. I have to call Harry. This is a good thing.


270 days after

Walking home from work is the best way how to sum up the day, how to sort out all the faces and voices I´ve seen and heard. I just like it.

“Noel, hey!” A familiar voice suddenly interrupts my thoughts. It´s Matty. I just smile hesitantly and instead of walking to my apartment I walk forward him. My anger faded away weeks ago and more importantly he is still my friend.

He is sitting on the bench on the other side of the road. As always he is wearing black jeans and floral shirt loosen up around the chest.

“I am sorry for being a dick, Noel. Please say you´re not mad anymore.” His hands are intertwined together as he is praying and his face expression speaks for itself. He really is sorry.

“I am not mad anymore. I know it´s just too much now” I reply and he smiles at me. This smile is sincere and it reminds me of the old Matty.

“I was a shithead to you and to your friend.” I press my lips together not going to respond on that because he really was a shithead to both of us.

“Are you happy with him?” Matty suddenly asks.

“Yes.” I simply answer and blush a little.

“That´s all I care about then.” His words melt everything and the fight between us is suddenly forgotten.

“So, can we just go on that bloody drink already!?” Matty states happily and I nod few times.

“You look like you go here often” Matty says as I wave at Niall. He waves back and grin at me but goes on pouring shots of vodka behind the bar.

“Well yes, Niall-“ I point at him, “- he owns this place” I say and sit by the table. Matty does the same and puts a cigarette from the shirt pocket into his mouth.

“Want eh- one?” He tries to articulate with this killing thing in his mouth but I do my best to understand.

“Thanks but I quit long time ago” I smile at him.

“No way! You? You were like the only woman who was worth looking at while smoking. Really. It was hot.” I laugh loudly at his response.

“Yeah, I was. I should get the hotness back. Hand me one-” I say ironically and giggle. Of course I don’t want to start again. I quit once. I am sure I wouldn’t be able to quit twice.

“You don´t need a cig, you still have it in you” he replies seriously and then grins at me with his eyes closed like Japanese emoji.

“Speaking of hotness- what about you and the girls? You´ve always been a catch, with this spooky bad boy-ish scent around you.” I gestures a bubble around him with my hands and laugh.

“It´s been a mess lately and-“He suddenly stops after my phone has buzzed for the third time.

“Go on. Call him.” He leans against the chair and sighs.

“I am sorry-“ I point at the phone.

“I am surprised how long you´ve been holding on not calling him” he laughs. I whisper sorry and go outside to call him.

“Babe, what´s going on?” Harry answers quickly.

“I am with Matty at Niall´s. I am sorry I haven’t let you know earlier we were just carried away with the conversation, I guess.” I hear a deep exhale on the other side of the phone.

“Oh. I was just worried about you. How is it going so far?”

“We talked it through. Hey, do you want to come over? It will be fun I promise you, Matty is fun.”

“I don’t want to intervene between you two. And I don’t think Matty is fun around me” Harry weirdly pronounces the word fun and I laugh.

“No, seriously come over. Besides Niall is here so you can catch up with him too.”

“Noel, Niall is always there.”

“Come on Harry, I know you crave seeing me.” I laugh because I totally suck at this.

“You have me there in 20 minutes.” He hangs up quickly and I continue laughing.

“That was quick” Matty adds as I sit up.

“Your friend came by with the drinks. I didn’t know we´ve ordered already.” Matty points at the 4 shots filled with I guess vodka.

“We didn’t. Niall is a good observer, that´s all.” I laugh and put the phone back to my back.

“I guess he is on his way here” Matty states and I smile at him widely.

“I told him to come. You will really like him. Give it a chance.” I hand him a shot and he takes it before me.

“I am giving it a chance” he says while crooking his mouth after shot and grins.


“Noel, babe. Men are talking now” Harry puts his hand on my mouth. I bite it and take a breath.

“Hey! You bit me!” Harry laughs and Matty joins him. I smirk at them both.

“You shouldn’t make fun of me then. Ever.” I say and take a sip of beer. Yeah, we´ve replaced whiskey with beer. Just because of the fact that tomorrow is Tuesday and I have work to do.

“I think I had enough for today, boys. I am out.” I state and stand up. I lose balance but quickly finds it and put on a jacket.

“Wait, I am going to walk you off” Harry ads and I smile at him. We haven’t kiss or hug or just hold hands the whole evening and I already feel the lack of him.

“You two- I had fun today” Matty adds and points at us. I am leaning against the Harry with my right shoulder and feeling the warmth from him.

“And the beer-“ Matty raises the glass and shouts to the Niall´s direction. He is behind the bar. “-this beer made my day, pal!” Niall just laughs at us and gives us a goodbye wave.

“This all was on me. It was nice meeting you Harry” Matty gives him a hand and I feel like a proud mother. Then he hugs me and whisper something to me.

“You really are happy.”


Harry and I leave the bar together.On the halfway Harry stops walking and I ask him what´s wrong. He stays silent and my fingertips reach for his cheek. I lean in and kiss him.

“I´ve just missed your kiss today” he states and I laugh. 

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