You chose me

This movella is mostly dedicated to Harry girls. But I want to engage every lad into this story.
I quite fancy Matty from The 1975 and Ashton Irwin from 5SOS so they may appear in the story:)


18. 18.


“Niall, please don’t- “Suzy tries to calm him down as he stands up.

“Yeah man, let it go.” Harry´s attempt fails too. Niall is already walking straight forward totally ignoring all of us. Niall looks calm though. Ashton doesn’t look confused or surprised at all. It looks like he knew what´s waiting for him here. They both stay calm through their conversation. But there´s is something about Ashton´s attitude and I don´t know what. 

“I am sorry. I wasn’t thinking” Harry apologies and looks at Suzy. She smiles reassuringly but she still looks scared. I want to ask her what Ashton has done but I stay quiet.

“I should intervene or something.” She states and stands up. Harry´s hand quickly sits her down.

“It´s not a good idea. I´ll go.” Harry stands up and look at me. I nod hesitantly and then Harry plants a soft kiss on my cheek.

Suzy and I observe three men in the middle of the bar passionately debating something when I find the courage and finally ask her.

“What is this all about?” I point at them and she takes a deep breath.

“Ashton was Niall´s best friend at Uni. But then things got messed up and I hooked up with him. I mean with Ashton. It was quite intense back then because I knew Niall liked me. I was still dating Ashton though. So basically he had to watch me and his best friend making out in the door room. It was cruel” She replies and stays quiet for a while.

“But it end up well. You and Niall are together. That´s all what matters” I add and she just rise her eye brows and bit her bottom lip.

“Well there´s more-“She starts but Harry and Niall interrupt us.

“He won´t come that soon” Niall states as he and Harry take seats next to us. Harry just exhales and his hand lends on my back. I turn to face him and he just nods and puts few lose strands of my hair behind my ear. I smile at him and take a sip of beer.

“Quick change of subject- Niall? The table next to us is raising their hands as they want to order. I guess you are a full time waiter today” I add and Suzy laughs.


“Harry?” I ask while we are walking to my apartment. It´s warm evening and I am really enjoying  this walk .

“What exactly happened today with Ashton? I am curious what they have told him, how they made him leave.

“Ashton was pissed off as always and Niall just told him not to come ever again. It´s complicated. I am sorry you had to seen that."

“I have never seen Niall acting like that” I murmur as we reach the building. We both stop walking and stay hugging.

“I am surprised Ashton still keeps coming. If I had to see you with one of my friends I would rather get drunk at home” Harry whispers to my hair. Wait, what?

“What you mean?” I am confused.

“Suzy dated Ashton before dating Niall. She cheated on him with Niall. And they are together since then.” Harry goes quickly on.

“It´s a little harsh but she made a bad thing to get the right one.”

I finally get what she meant by “there´s more”. Huh. Now it makes sense. I saw something behind Ashton´s eyes and as it has turned out it was sadness.

“Are you staying for the night?” I quickly change the subject and smile.

“Do you want me to stay?” Harry asks and I nod few times.

“Then I am staying” He states and lean in to kiss me. I feel shivers as he touches me but it comes on a daily basis. I still can´t get use to this. It´s Harry. Someone who appeared in my office wearing fancy suit and honest smile on his face. He mend my heart by making place for me in his. I want to cry as I am reminiscing the times before. I know it sounds cheesy and everything. But this is the only thing I am 100 per cent sure about. When I am with him the weight of all my worries becomes negligible. It´s like carrying someone in the water. Even in the shallowest river- the most desperate times, he is carrying me and somehow I believe we will make it to the shore.   

Hello! If you are reading this it means you have just finished the chapter. And that means you have found time to read this movella and that´s so so sweet. Please let me know what you think of this chapter or the previous ones. I would be glad to read some of your comments :) YOU CHOSE ME is on 22 favourite lists! Yay!

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