You chose me

This movella is mostly dedicated to Harry girls. But I want to engage every lad into this story.
I quite fancy Matty from The 1975 and Ashton Irwin from 5SOS so they may appear in the story:)


17. 17.

His left foot is nervously tapping the concrete and I seriously don’t know what to do. He is still looking down staying in complete silence.

“How long have you been here?” I ask him quietly, slowly changing the subject.

His eyes dart at me and my eyes go wider.

“You are all wet. Go home Harry” I add hesitantly.

He doesn’t even look at me. I feel like shit for sending him home. Harry just turns away and walks to his car on the other side of the road. I can see his soaking wet hair shining on a street lighting.

“Wait-“ I shout at him and he suddenly turns around to face me. With no word he keeps standing in the middle of the road and waiting for me to finish the sentence. What am I doing.

“I want you to stay. Stay with me Harry.” My heart is pounding and I am genuinely surprised this has just left my mouth. I do want him stay. I really crave having him with me. Am I selfish?

I don’t hesitate anymore and run to him. I quickly stop waiting for him to say something. His features soften and the wrinkle above his nose disappears. I smile at him and take his hand to mine. He does the same with the other hand and pulls me closer to him. I feel the chills as he leans his forehead against mine. Water is slowly soaking to my hair but I really don’t mind. My body can´t absorb the excitement right now.


I am in the kitchen making a pot of tea when Harry appears standing in the middle of the living room.

I watch him slowly putting off the belt on his trousers. His shirt is already missing.

“What you think you´re doing?” I ask him half laughing.

“Getting rid of this uncomfortably wet piece of clothing?” Harry smirks at me and I just chuckle.

“Thank God. I thought we were going to have sex” I exhale heavily and get back to preparing the cups. I am fully aware that I do not speak like this. Ever. But I find this really funny. I can´t wait to see his reaction. I am so close to end up laughing but I make it. All of sudden Harry appears standing next to me with his trousers slightly unbuttoned.

“Of course we are.”

And with this statement my whole body shakes as his arms grab me and lay me down on a sofa.


264 days after

Harry takes my hand as I climb out of the seat of the black taxi.

“I haven’t seen Niall in weeks.” I add and let Harry lead me to the bar. It´s crowded in here as usual. But that blond Irish is visible right away.

“Long time no see, bro.” Niall laughs as Harry hugs him.

“Where have the two of you been the whole time? I missed you Noel. Of course the drunk version of you” Niall adds and I make face at him.

Ok. Maybe we have been a little lost for a few days lately but just because of the need called Harry. I can´t stop smiling like an idiot now.

“Suzy is sitting in the corner booth. I´ll come right away I just have to finish this” Niall adds and points at the plate full of drinks. I don’t get why does he still works as a waiter here when he is the one who owns this place. But I see how giddy it makes him.

Harry takes my hand again and I follow him. I like how he shows off with me and how it makes me feel. I tickle his palm with the tip of my thumb and let him lead me.

“Hiya!” Suzy shouts and I take a seat next to her. She is smiling while looking at Harry and then at me.

“You two look so cute” She adds and takes a sip of her Guinness. I tilt my head to the one side and smile at her. She is so nice. I am really glad I got to meet her.

“Do you lovely ladies want something? I am going to the bar-? Harry asks and look at me first.

“The exact same Guinness like Suzy is having. Thank you.” I reply and smile. Suzy shakes her head as no so Harry walks away. All of sudden she gets pale with her eyes totally widened.

“Are you ok?” I put my hand on her left shoulder worriedly.

“You see the blond curly guy in the middle?” She says and exhale heavily. I nod and look at her.

“That´s my ex- Ashton” She adds and my eyes travel through the crowd to see this Ashton again, this time more in detail. He is tall. Maybe like Harry. His big round eyes are scanning this place as he is trying to find something. Or someone. 

“Niall hates him” she adds. “He can´t see him. At any chance.” Ok. She looks really freaked out. I am curious what he had done to Suzy when Niall hates him this much.

“What are you two so passionately looking at?” Niall suddenly appears next to us and we both just say “nothing” at once.

“Looks like Ashton came for more” Harry casually adds and Suzy´s eyes go crazily wide. Oh no. He shouldn’t have done this. Niall´s hands aggressively hit the table as he stands up. A fight maybe? 

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