You chose me

This movella is mostly dedicated to Harry girls. But I want to engage every lad into this story.
I quite fancy Matty from The 1975 and Ashton Irwin from 5SOS so they may appear in the story:)


11. 11.

*at Niall´s party*


“So are you single, Noell?” Louis suddenly asks me and smirks on me and Harry. I ignore his teasing tone and reply.

“Yes I am” As I response my eyes meet Sue´s and she gives me warm smile.

“How come?” Louis adds and I raise my eyebrows with chuckle.

“Louis, stop it” Harry scolds him and starts tapping his right foot.

“What? I am just curious, that´s all” Louis adds and smiles at me. This time his smile makes me comfortable. He won´t bring that up again. At least I hope so.

“Harry, don’t be so prude, I am just messing with her” Louis adds suddenly and smirks at him. This time I can feel Harry´s body shaking from anger, his hands changing into fists but he stiffs when my hand lands on his knee. I am not sure why have I done that, but it definitely helped. Now I feel awkward. I quickly remove it and put both my hands behind my back like in the first grade.

The night continues, I had such a great laugh with everyone. It seems to me like I´ve been missing a lot when I didn’t know these people. All of them make me feel good about myself, like I am worth of a talk and smile and that´s all I needed. I am currently wondering what James would have to say if he saw me here. He would probably drag me back home, because he saw someone trying to eat pizza with cutlery. He got mad every time I had done that because according to him, only posh people use fork and knife at the same time.

“I am sorry for Louis” A husky voice suddenly brings me back to reality. I realise no one is sitting here with me, only Harry. I smile at him reassuringly.

“Don´t be. He was just teasing” I say and wave my hand. I feel his eyes pitting me and that´s the only thing I can´t stand on Harry´s face.

“Really, Harry. Just leave it” I say and look around if there´s anyone who can save me from being a part of this conversation. Harry sighs heavily and checks his phone. Then he puts in back when he finds me watching him.

“Great” I say and lean hard against the leather chair.

“What?” Harry asks confusedly.

“Nothing” I say and watch my fingers touching the edge of the table.

“You´ve said great” He replies like I haven’t heard myself.

“I know what I´ve said. Just great means I am a little pissed off but I have no strength to say why. That’s what my great was for” I reply, still not looking at him.

Harry suddenly laughs and I look at him.

“Why are you laughing?” I sound hurt. His eyes meet mine and I find myself ridiculous. I act like a child right now.

“Your definition of –just great. I like it” he says and goes on “I am sorry, I may have overreacted back then. It´s just the way he talks about-“ I suddenly feel what he is going say and cut him off-

“What´s your definition of great then?” I ask and watch his chest slowly rising.

“You” he replies and I hold a breath for a second. How I wish he hadn’t say it. We are silent for a moment until he breaks it.

“Noel, I am sorry. It was rude, I shouldn’t have said it. It was a bad idea” He suddenly stands up to leave. I quickly stand too and grab him by his hand.

“Harry” I add, still not sure what to say.

“Firstly, thanks for finding me great. You are great too” I smile at him and he joins me. “And secondly, thank you for saving me from telling Louis the truth” I add and wait for him to reply.

“Come with me” Harry suddenly adds with a wide grin on his face and leads me through the crowd to the bar.

“What are we doing?” I ask Harry after third shot of vodka.

“I am getting you drunk Noell, how does it look to you?” He giggles and I join him.

“I knew it!” I add and close my eyes for a sec.

“Are you feeling sick?” Harry asks me worriedly and put his hand on my arm.

“Do you want to come to my place after this? We can steal pizza and eat it there. Regular business dinner, you know?” I ask him and wait patiently for his answer.

His eyes go wider and he stands up.

“We can go now already. I don’t think anyone will notice us missing.”

I nod, grab my coat and follow Harry to the back door. Hands suddenly stop me and I look who it is.

“Where are the two of you going?” Niall asks and I just smile at him. Shit. Harry´s hands suddenly tickle my back and I giggle.

“We are going to get some fresh air mate, happy birthday again, we will be back soon-“ Harry quickly replies and leads me outside. We quickly get into taxi and burst into drunk laughter.


After finally finding my keys I offer Harry glass of whiskey I have been saving for special occasions or for just getting smashed like a teenager. He just shakes his head and continues observing my apartment. I had cleaned it before I left but still. I wasn’t expecting inviting him over. My head is spinning less than in a taxi but I still feel tipsy. When I sit on a sofa I realise Harry isn’t in living room anymore. I slightly wake up and look around. He suddenly appears by the kitchen table holding a balloon. Shit.

“You had a party and didn’t invite me?” He speaks up with a smirk. I can feel my heart in my throat. That balloon has been here since my and James´s engage party. He inflated it and I am keeping it ever since. It´s weird and desperate but I just can´t get rid of it.

“That has been here for probably 5 months now.  James and I had a party where we –“ Harry cuts me off.

“No. Stop. Don’t think about it anymore. I am sorry” He says and sits next to me. I smell his scent when he makes a move to sofa and I feel suddenly calm. I smile as he moves closer to me and close my eyes. I like this moment.

Suddenly I feel his dry lips on mine but I keep my eyes shut. He kisses me gently, his hands moving along with my hips as I move closer to him. My hands are playing with the hem of his shirt behind his neck. His shoulders are too wide though. I feel the electricity moving my body and making me more co-operative with his. The kiss stops in its best and I open my eyes. He looks messy and adorable and I want to kiss him right away. With no words I lean closer to him again and kiss his neck from the collar bone to his cheek bones. I get chills but continue anyway. I don’t think. Thinking isn’t necessary. I feel his hands gently playing with my shirt along my body. He does nothing just this and desire fills my lips. When I get to his chin he suddenly grabs me and pull me closer, like it is even possible. He kisses me hard until my lips feel numb and head starts spinning even more.

“I could do this the whole night” he whispers “being kissed by you”. And then I find myself falling into his eyes. I want him to feel what I feel right now and somehow reply but all I can do is a nod and wrapping my arms around him again.

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