The Search

Lana has always felt abandoned and lonely. Her parents were never home and she only had one best friend.But Lana's world starts to turn upside down. When her cousins Jason and John comeback into her life. For the first time in forever she doesn't feel alone. But Jason and John's mom's boyfriend Darren wants them back home to live with him. Lana thinks the answer to their problems is a famous statue that belonged to the school. Only problem is that it's been missing for years. But soon find out there's way more to the mystery and danger than they expected. But how far will Lana go to ensure they'll stay with her or will she be abandoned yet again.


38. There is only one tiffany


Tiffany woke up with a pain in her head as she sat up in her bed. She looked around her room. Her room was a mess. Makeup sprawled everywhere. Magazines and cloths scattered the ground. Sun stream bed through the two windows. She turned and looked at her alarm clock. It was 2:39 pm. Than a wave of memerories washed over her. Questioning Austin, Victor getting stabbed. Her head ached more just thinking about it. She rembered on the car ride to the hospitol Lana telling her, there could have been a better way then force feeding Austin the peanut butter and how they could of killed him. But they didn't Austin was still out there somewhere. Tiffany kind of felt bad but it was more like getting revenge on Austin for breaking up with her over a text. She shouldn't of been so harsh but when she got mad a whole different ugly side of her takes over. She flipped her blonde hair back as she slowly slid off the bed. She quickly washed her face in her bathroom. She stared at the reflection she saw back. He hair was a mess , lose strands fell around the frame of her face. Her lips were dry. Her blue eyes looked tired. The pink that usually dabbed her cheeks weren't there leaving her face looking rather pale.  She looked down at her hands and found her nails were chipped. She thought instantly a day at her favorite spa will do her good. She quickly changed into a light Cardigan with leggings and flats.  She then grabbed her phone and her studded clutch and stepped out into the hallway.

 She strutted to Britneys room when she heard a small voice behind her. Tiffany turned to find Ashley. Her hair was straightened and she wore a military jacket with jeans and combat boots. Tiffany frowned at what she saw. Ashley was so different from the rest of the family. Courtney adored pink and lace and everything that involved beauty. Ashely like dark colors especially grey. Courtney loved celeberties like Amy Adams and Katy Perry. Ashley liked Skrillex and Johnny Depp.

" you look like you crawled out of a garbage can!" Tiffany smirked

Ashley's brown eyes narrowed  "are you going to the spa today?"

" yes why ?" 

" I'm comeing with you" 

" how do you know I was going to the spa?"  Tiffany ran her hands through her hair

"Well usually if you were going out to see friends you would look like a rainbow exploded onto your cloths. You look like bland oatmeal today."

" I hate your similies"

" oh my gosh ! You actually aren't as dumb of a blonde I always knew you were!" Ashley snickered

Tiffany turned her back to her and knocked on the door.

Almost immediately Britney opened the door her blonde hair was tied back into a bun and she wore a pink camk with yoga pants. 

" I need a rid to the spa" tiffany asked

" where's mom?" Britney glared down at her

" she means WE need a rid to the spa" Ashley said confidently behind her.

"Shut up!" Tiffany frowned

"And moms at work"Ashley said



Minutes later, Tiffany and Ashley were in the lobby of the towns spa called  "Lilycomb's spa". Tiffany was getting a massage and the same with Ashley.

Tiffany was laying down on her stomach as a women was massaging her. Tiffany kept on thinking about last night. Panick flooded to her mind , where was Austin? Would he go to the cops?

Suddenly the lady that was massaging her asked " miss are you OK, you're very tense"

" oh yes I'm fine!" But her voice was high pitched 

She stood up and slid off the table. She needed to get a manicure. " just tell my sister I'll be at the nail salon she'll know which one."

The women just nodded and left. Tiffany then quickly paid and left. She quickly speed walked all the way down to the corner of the street. The wind flowed through her hair as she opened the door the the nail salon.

Then  a women lead her to a table for her manicure.

Tiffany sat down and put out her left hand as the woman started to use nail polish remover on her nails. Suddenly the door of the salon opened and a pair of heals grew louder. Tiffany looked up and saw Amanda. Her fake pale blonde hair was curled into a Bob. She wore a striped black and white shirt with jeans and had a huge bright red purse matching her lipstick. She turned her pointy noise toward the ceiling once she saw Tiffany who in return did the same gesture.

The lady who was working on Tiffany's nails said " I'll be right back I need to get more of the nailpolisher remover"

Once the lady left. Amanda and Tiffany exchanged icy glares from across the room.

The women who was attending to her asked " which color would you like?" Holding a glass try full of various colors.

Amanda hastily picked a violet color.

"Wow that's the same color I picked" Tiffany smirked

Amanda jutted her head up her lips in a straight line

" well I'm just pointing out the similarities we share!" Tiffany snickered and continued  "like our choice in nail salons, cloths , and types of guys" tiffany voice turned flat and serious.

" also our hair!" Tiffany smiled as she flipped her hair back "except your hair is a little pale compared to mine and... " tiffany slowly stood up and walked around the table towards Amanda who was giving her a heated stare 

" of course your hair though,  is bleached and fake" she said emphasizeing the last word.

The door of the salon opened again and Ashely strutted in. And spotted Tiffany and said  "what the hell I told you to wait for me"

Tiffany ignored her and kept on glaring at Amanda.

"Well isn't this just peachy, and pathetic, and you were always jealous of me! Austin always loved ME better!" Amanda said while slowly standing.

" you're the one who dyed their hair the same color as me!" Tiffany spatted

"It looks better on me anyway" she sniffed

"It looks fake like your personality" tiffany laughed

Ashley just stood frozen between them

" bitch! This is all your fault!" Amanda jumped

" what that you dyed your hair blonde and just figured out it only looks good on one person, me?"

" NO! Austin left town! And it's all your fault you probably said something to him to make him leave ME!" Amanda was on the verge of tears

"He left town?" 

" yes you slut! You NEVER deserved him! I don't know why everyone thinks you're so great!"

" you know I knew of the affair the whole time , it's quite funny actually, when you two kissed after the basketball game, you should of at least gone somewhere private , Miranda saw the whole thing and told me. You're pathetic  did you really think you were in charge this whole time? I was always one step ahead , you just made a complete fool of you're self!" Tiffany began to laugh histaricly 

Amanda's faced paled. And then Amanda lunged into Tiffany's stomach knocking her back into the table.

 A seering pain went up her spine.  Amanda was on top of her trying to claw her face and rip her hair out. Then Tiffany punched Amanda in the face and Amanda howled back in pain. Then another pair of hands took Amanda's shoulders and pushed her off of Tiffany. It was Ashely who helped Tiffany up. Amanda stood up quickly and tried to punch Tiffany. Tiffany ducked and Amanda hit ashley. Tiffany punched Amanda in the noise and blood started to drip from her face. Ashely kicked Amanda in the leg and Amanda collasped . Ashely tried to kick her again but Amanda grabbed her foot and twisted it as Ashley fell. People in the spa were trying to yell at them to stop but Tiffany couldn't hear a word. Amanda got to her feet again and punched Tiffany hard in the face. Quickly Tiffany grabbed a vase that was sitting on a nearby table and smashed it hard against Amanda's head and watched her body crumple to the ground. Blood spots began to stain Amanda's blonde hair. Tiffany grabbed Ashley and started to make their way to the door. A women that worked other yelled at them "YOU GUYS HAVE TO PAY FOR THE DAMAGE!!!" But Tiffany completely ignored her and dragged Ashely our the door.



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