The Search

Lana has always felt abandoned and lonely. Her parents were never home and she only had one best friend.But Lana's world starts to turn upside down. When her cousins Jason and John comeback into her life. For the first time in forever she doesn't feel alone. But Jason and John's mom's boyfriend Darren wants them back home to live with him. Lana thinks the answer to their problems is a famous statue that belonged to the school. Only problem is that it's been missing for years. But soon find out there's way more to the mystery and danger than they expected. But how far will Lana go to ensure they'll stay with her or will she be abandoned yet again.


40. missing



It was 8 pm and everyone was in a booth in a local restarunt  20 minutes from town.

The only one who was missing was Hunter. Jason tried to call him various times but it would always lead to his voice mail.

Jason was squashed up against the back wall next to Tiffany and across from Lana. Jason thought Tiffany was cool and all until he saw her crazy expression force feeding peanut butter down Austins throat. 

John was the first to speak.  "I want to know why Austin was even in Lana's house and who is he working for"

" it's obviously victor's brother, that's what Austin said" Tiffany frowned

"Hey my brother did not do this he was obviously lying. But I've called us all toghther for something more important. I was in the woods again with Hunter and someone came out of the woods at us. It was two people both wearing masks. One had a gun and the other sacked hunter in the head really hard. I left so I could get help but   when I returned with my brother hunter's bod was gone. I'm sorry I shouldn't of left him."

Jason looked at victor in the eyes. Victor did look truly sorry. Jason 's face paled. Hunter was gone maybe even dead and it was all there fault dragging him into it. A huge wave of guilt washed over Jason as he gripped the table. Lana looked like on the break of tears.

"Great the only person who can actually navigate the woods is missing" john said, he looked more frustrated than worried. 

Miranda's small voice weakly said  "there must be something in the woods if people were wiling to scare  you off. And doesn't this make sense, the one guy who was good in the woods was taken out first. It's like someone is on to us"


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