The Search

Lana has always felt abandoned and lonely. Her parents were never home and she only had one best friend.But Lana's world starts to turn upside down. When her cousins Jason and John comeback into her life. For the first time in forever she doesn't feel alone. But Jason and John's mom's boyfriend Darren wants them back home to live with him. Lana thinks the answer to their problems is a famous statue that belonged to the school. Only problem is that it's been missing for years. But soon find out there's way more to the mystery and danger than they expected. But how far will Lana go to ensure they'll stay with her or will she be abandoned yet again.


22. just a conversation with Jason


"Wow I'm impressed! Not even here for a whole day and you're the most popular guy in the grade, I've heard some girls talking about how hot you were in the halls" tiffany put one hand on her hip.

"I wouldn't say I'm popular" Jason combined his brown hair back. 

Tiffany immediately said " you're the most interesting thing that happened to me ! I ... I man this school I years!"Tiffany started to blush hard. She thought hard what the hell what was wrong with her. She was usually so much better at flirting with guys. 

Jason just chuckled.

" you're funny" he said . Tiffany blushed harder and thought wow  he thinks I'm funny! Get a grip Tiffany!

 She turned around to see where Lana was at and saw Amanda stroking Austins hair smirking at her and Austin was staring at her too.

She almost gasped because Amanda's hair was no longer orange it was blonde, the same shade as her hair. Now that was weird, she was trying to replace her. but no one can replace Tiffany and she was so over Austin she was into someone completely better, as she glanced at Jason.  

" do you work out ?" Tiffany said loud enough so Amanda and Austin could hear her. 

" oh yeah I life weights sometimes" as he flexed his arm. Tiffany put her hand on his arm. His arm was warm and stern and felt good on her hand. She couldn't control how much she was blushing.

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