The Search

Lana has always felt abandoned and lonely. Her parents were never home and she only had one best friend.But Lana's world starts to turn upside down. When her cousins Jason and John comeback into her life. For the first time in forever she doesn't feel alone. But Jason and John's mom's boyfriend Darren wants them back home to live with him. Lana thinks the answer to their problems is a famous statue that belonged to the school. Only problem is that it's been missing for years. But soon find out there's way more to the mystery and danger than they expected. But how far will Lana go to ensure they'll stay with her or will she be abandoned yet again.


21. First day


Today was the day. It was going to be John's and Jason's first day at North Charington High. Doubt flooded her mind , like what if no one like John and Jason and they never fit in or they hate her school. 

Lana marched to the guest room and knocked on the door " ready" she said confidently.

" ready" they both said.


As they got off the bus John was swarmed by a crowd of juniors who were giving him high fives. 

John quickly replied when he saw her confused face. "I met these guys at a party I went to"

Lana was going to say more but he was already gone. 

Lana said " well it's just you and me  Jason. " she smiled at him as they went inside. She lead him to the main office where they got his schedule. She looked at it  the sheet. 

" were in some of the same classes toghther like same 1st period. Odd I thought family really couldn't be in the same classes, well this way to study hall!"


As they entered the classroom Jason pointed " hey I know that guy" he said as he glanced at victor and his friends in the corner of the classroom. " I met him at McDonalds." 

Victor turned his head and shouted  " hey look who it is it's Jason!" Jason slung his backpack down in the empty desk next to him and started chatting. Like they were best friends.  Lana just shrugged and took her seat were she always sat. Tiffany walked in a sat right next to Lana 

 " I didn't tell you this yesterday but Austin broke up with me over a text!" Her mouth was in a thin line as she looked straight into the distance.

"I'm so sorry!" Lana hugged Tiffany.  

"Hey I didn't know Jason was in our class"Tiffany's face lit up. 

" oh tell me how was your date with him last night?" Lana smiled. 

" he's really mysterious and really funny , I had a good time" Tiffany sighed " I think I'm gong to say hello" she got up and flipped her hair as she walked over. Austin came in and sat down with Amanda clinging to his side. Amanda was smiling thinking like she was on the top of the world. 

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