The Search

Lana has always felt abandoned and lonely. Her parents were never home and she only had one best friend.But Lana's world starts to turn upside down. When her cousins Jason and John comeback into her life. For the first time in forever she doesn't feel alone. But Jason and John's mom's boyfriend Darren wants them back home to live with him. Lana thinks the answer to their problems is a famous statue that belonged to the school. Only problem is that it's been missing for years. But soon find out there's way more to the mystery and danger than they expected. But how far will Lana go to ensure they'll stay with her or will she be abandoned yet again.


12. digging deeper


Tiffany left an hour ago. So Lana was helping her mom carry down so old attic boxes for the renovation.

 "Ohh look Lana old child hood pictures!" Lana's mother lifted down and old green picture book and blew the dust off of the cover. 

"Can I look at it mom" Lana asked

She handed over the book to Lana to hold. Lana put down the book on the kitchen table to look through later.

"Oh look aunt Donna's high school yearbook , she gave this to me for safe keeping when she was out searching for a job after collage" lana,'s mother handed her the book. On the cover in fine gold print it read graduates of 1983. 

"I thought she graduated much earlier that 1983" 

She took the yearbook with the picture book and walked up the stairs 


On her bed she flipped through old pictures of the yearbook. She found a picture of the old hawk statue and a caption that read "the copper statue was given as a gift for the win at state nashionals against st. Johns academy" Lana studied the pages hard, she thought the statue was made of metal but if it is really made of copper and somewhere out there it could be worth a whole lot especially if its a 4ft statue. She quickly booked marked that page. 

She then flipped through the picture album. It was just pictures of her and her cousins. One of Lana and hunter playing in the yard of Lana's house , another of Lana and John riding tricycles. The last page was a baby picture of her and Jason and the caption read  

"The twins" 

Lana's pulse quickened she knew her own baby picture by heart and she's seen enough baby pictures of Jason to know that was his.


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