The 4 Sisters

When 4 sisters go to a One Direction concert. The boys pick them to sing. Niall, Louis, and Zayn fall in love with them.


3. Kiss and Date?!

"Uh, not at all." I said. "I like you-- uhh..." "Piper, Piper Knight." "Piper. I like how you sung back there." He compliments, changing his shirt. "T-thanks." I say. "You know, you're very pretty." I just blushed.

He leaned in and kissed my lips gently. "Oh. Niall! Wow." I quietly say. I kiss his lips for 20 seconds and happily skip- no- stride out of the bus. With a big grin, from ear to ear, I got to the car and jumped into the passenger seat. "Why are you so happy?" Emma asks me. "Uh.. I got kissed?" I confess. "BY WHO?!" Maddie yells. "Niall." I say quietly.


When we get home, I get a text from a random number.

'Nice seeing you. Wanna hang out sometime?' I guessed it was Niall. He probably put mine in his.

I reply, 'yeah. That sounds amazing. When?'

He says, 'maybe tomorrow?'

I say, 'yeah. My place? Here's the address.'

'Ok. Can't wait to see you' he says.

I sigh relaxingly. "Now what?" Maddie laughs. "No. Nothing. Someone's coming over tomorrow." "WHO?!" She comes closer to me. "No one you'd want to see." I push her away. She frowns and goes back to what she was doing.

"Who is it?" Mouths ally. "Niall." I mouth back. She looks down and smiles. I laugh and go on twitter.

*new tweet*

Got a "date" tomorrow at my house. So excited!

I blush at my own tweet and fall asleep in my beanbag.

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