Nialls Little Sister

Niall brings Monica on tour with him. Will one of the boys fall for her? In this Payzer are married and Zerrie is broken up. And will there be surprise fights? Will there be surprise guests? Find out here in Nialls Little Sister


23. Will you marry me?

Michaels pov

Ok so as you guys my know I wanna ask Monica to be my wife. I know it's to soon but we have a house together already AND we both have maybe lost our virginity..... IM SORRY TO MUCH INFO!!!!! Anyway today's the day I ask her. "Hey babe can I talk to you" I asked "Yep!!!" She said "Look Monica I don't wanna call you my girlfriend anymore" I said "So your dumping me?!" Sage asked almost in tears "No!! I'd be the STUPIDEST MAN ALIVE!!! I wanna call you Ms.Clifford. Monica will you be my wife and the mother of our children?" I asked "YESSSS!!!!" She yelled "YAY!!" I said like a little baby and we put the ring on and it fit!!

Monica's pov

I'm almost Ms. Clifford!! Ahhhhh!!!! "O ya and Michael one more thing" I said nervously "Ya?" He said worried "I-I-I'm preg-nan-t" I said hoping he won't blow up "O my god not only I'm goingg to be a husband on top of that I'm a father to be?! This is the best day ever!!!" He said. Wow! That worked out better than I expected " How many weeks?" He asked "4/2 weeks" I said "Wow" he said and that was the end of it!! O ya and he said everyone knows he proposed to me and I said yes cause he tweeted it. I just said cool. This is gonna be a LONG relasionship.

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