Nialls Little Sister

Niall brings Monica on tour with him. Will one of the boys fall for her? In this Payzer are married and Zerrie is broken up. And will there be surprise fights? Will there be surprise guests? Find out here in Nialls Little Sister


15. Why did we have to wait so long to meet her?!

Brittney pov

Hey my names Brittney I'm 18 and a year younger than Harry. Yes I'm his little sister. (A/N contest for sybilings is closed) Like i was saying I'm single. I describe myself as funny, flirty, crazy, and nerdy. And pretty!!

Today I get to meet everyone INCLUDING 5SOS AHHHHH!!! They're all my favorites!!! "BRITTNEYYY!!!! " HARRYYYYY" Family moment I'm sorry!!! "Boys and girls this is Brittney my other sister!" "Hey" "Why did it take so long to meet her?" Niall asked "Because we were busy!" Harry said. "Geez someone got some tude!!" I think Destinee said. "I'm Louis's sister Destinee" "I'm Liam's sister Lucy" "And I'm Zayn's sister Karen" ok now I know who's who. "Wow you look like a Gemma and Harry mix!" Louis said. "Really? Maybe were idk SYBLINGS?" I said sassily "Well alright then" Luke said "You got a problem Brittney?" Liam said "No just a bad day" "How?"Harry asked "Well remember Jeramy?" "Yes" Harry said "Well.... Girls and Harry follow me the rest of you make yourselfs at home""Ok" "Now tell us what happend" Harry and Amber said "Herappedme" I said really fast "What?" "HE. RAPPED. ME. " I said now in tears "Do I need to kill him for you?!" Breanna asked "No. He said if I told ANYONE he would rape their girlfriends and friends that are girls. Then he broke up with me." "Awwww honey" "Oh Brittney" uh oh this won't be good"Faith Lucy Amber Karen Destinee Danielle jump out the window and run to the police station"Breanna ordered "But what about y-" "I SAID GO NOW!!!" She said so we did "Why hello where's Brittney?""Cut the shit Jeremy remember me?!" Breanna said "WHY hello slut I need to finish you now?!" Jeremy said " Nope cause you'll be dead!!" There stood the boys with bats and police "AHHHHHHH" Breanna said and there was a thud "OMG BREANNA!!!" "Ma'am get off him"One of the police said. Then I fainted.

Michaels pov

Ok so my sis just almost KILLED this guy. I remember him now. Oh god Brittney fainted!! Shit. Now were at the hospital. "Brittneys gonna be fine" the nurse said "THANK GOD!!!" "Hey everyone!!" It was Brittney. "I can go home" "Harry if you want Brittney can live with me Monica Calum Faith and myself in case anything else's happens" I suggested "Ok" Harry said "Yay!" Brittney said. "I guess that's settled"Luke said "bye guys" Ashton Luke Karen and Lucy said. "Bye" we said and we left.

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