Nialls Little Sister

Niall brings Monica on tour with him. Will one of the boys fall for her? In this Payzer are married and Zerrie is broken up. And will there be surprise fights? Will there be surprise guests? Find out here in Nialls Little Sister


30. We're what?! ( Mikey and Monica ) I wouldn't do that!! ( Luke and Karen )

Mikey's pov

So. 9 months ago. Monica gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. He name is Ella Marie Clifford. She is so beautiful. She has her mothers eyes. And unfortunately my smile. I hate my smile. Seriously. Anyway. I've always wanted a kid. Just 1 kid. No more than that. I'm only 18. "Mikey babe can you come here?" Monica yelled. "Ok" I said. "Babe. I know you've only wanted one kid but..... Im pregnant again" she said. "Monica. It's ok. I'm not mad. Maybe having 2 kids won't be so bad. I'm really happy babe" I said with the biggest smile on my face "ok. I thought you would flip" "I wouldn't. Honestly" I said.

Luke's pov

I swear. Karen is so amazing. She's so beautiful. Intelligent. Non-clingy. She's amazing. I swear I'm gonna marry her someday. "Hey" Karen said looking pissed "Hey. What's the matter?" I asked looking worried. She just threw her phone and magazine at me and walked away. I looked at her phone and magazine. Uh oh. It's and old photo of me and Alisha McDonald. My ex girlfriend. "How could you Luke?!" "Karen. Calm down. It's an old photo. I don't like her anymore. I swear." I said honestly. I would never cheat on her. Ever. "You promise?" She said through gritted teeth "Yes. I promise" I said. She untensed and gave me one of her famous smiles. I swear. This girl is the death of me.

Lacy's pov

Ashton and I are good. He's amazing. Really.

Louis's pov

What? Can't a guy have some carrots every once in a while. God.

Harry's pov

Amber and I are amazing.

Karens pov

I shouldn't get mad like I did with Luke

Faiths pov

Calum is a walking teddy bear

Monica's pov

I'm gonna have a baby. Again.

Ambers pov

Harry is weird

Liam's pov

Ok. Watched Toy Story 3 hours straight.

Dani's pov

My husband is weird.

Zayn's pov

Rosie and I are good.

Miranda's pov

Louis and I are good

Rosie's pov

I wonder why god gave us toes

Meghan's pov

When life hands you lemons you scream I WANTED APPLES!!! Ok?

Shelby's pov

Im bored. And my hair smells good

Gracie's pov

I'm bored. I'm bored. I'm really really bored.

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