Dear Cassidy

Cassidy Tomlinson is a 16 year old girl, with a bit of sass in her. Her & her brother Louis haven't seen each other in years , ever since he moved away from the family. But one day when she gets a job offer to surf professionally she moves to Los Angles , California right away. 16 year old girl all alone in a new high school , 4 hour surf practice each morning from 2am-6am , but what happens when she moves into a house with, ROOMMATES ?


7. what the fuck ?

Cassidy's POV

i wake up with a beep on my phone. I walk down stairs in my silk robe & undies. I barley remember last night but enough to know I'm not going to get prego, & that I was going to be safe but yea. I walked around the island counter to the fridge. Today was Friday, I had Friday, Saturday, Sunday & Monday off because school starts on Monday & I can't be tired for my first day.  I opened the fridge door & grabbed the ogre juice, pouring it into a small glass cup.  I sit on the couch & slip through the channels on the tv until I found my favorite show, Girl Code. The best best best advice show. Today's topics where, 'falling in love;purses;diets' pretty interesting I guess. I was watching it when I checked what time it was. Early :( 6:45am. I sat back drinking my juice. I heard a groan & i saw Liam come down the stairs. "Hey Cass boo" he said kissing the too of my head, "why you up so early bubby" (my nickname for Liam it's bubby) he grabs a cup of Apple juice & leans against the counter, wow his body was nice. "Just idk had a bad dream & yea thought I would come down here. He sat next to me, I placed my juice on the coffee table & slid down leaning my head on the chest. He combed my hair with his massive hands. We watched the show & I checked my phone it was 7:00am the boys wouldn't probably,y be up for a while, I heard a pounce, "morning kids" Niall says, "morning lovely" Liam says, "morning buttcrack" I say, he laughs & sits on the other side of me moving my feet & legs onto his lap & cuddling up. We continued to watch the show as each of the boys pilled in. 

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