Dear Cassidy

Cassidy Tomlinson is a 16 year old girl, with a bit of sass in her. Her & her brother Louis haven't seen each other in years , ever since he moved away from the family. But one day when she gets a job offer to surf professionally she moves to Los Angles , California right away. 16 year old girl all alone in a new high school , 4 hour surf practice each morning from 2am-6am , but what happens when she moves into a house with, ROOMMATES ?


5. night out .

Cassidy's POV

i sat in my room looking over twitter & drinking my tea "knock knock" it's Liam, "come in" I say, he comes in & sits next to me, "get changed out of pjs & come with me" he says, "where are we going?" I ask "it's a surprise" he smirks & I look through my clothes, "ahhhaaa" I say while picking out my favorite chill outfit. ( I grab my phone & jog over to Liam's room, "hello?" I knock, "come in" I open the door & sit next to him on the bed, "ready?" He asks, "yep" as go down & hop into his car, after about a few minutes of driving my favorite song comes on, 'Classic, by ; MKTO' we turn it up & start jamming out to it, 

I wanna do you like miko, I wanna kiss you like price...

We drive on & in a few minutes we arrive at a tattoo/piercing shop. "Oh no no no" I say, "common, everyone on the boys & girls teams has to get one" he begs, "no way" i say, "please?" He makes a sad face, "fine" I give in, "you can egg any tattoo but you can either get belly button or nose piercing" I think for a moment, "belly button & a hip tattoo" we walk in & I sit in the leather chair, "LIAM, my man" the guy fist bumped Liam "who's this pretty lady?" The cute guy asks "Cassidy Tomlinson" I say, "oh my buds sister & the new girl on the team" he says, "I'm Weston" I shake his hand, "so what can I do for ya today" "can I have a belly button piercing & a tattoo on my left hip that says 'wave' in Arabic?" He smiles, "of course" soon Liam puts his hand out for me to hold, "naw I'm good" I say "are you sure hurts like a bitch" he says & I chuckle "positive" Weston starts my piercing & tattoo. 

While im on my phone I get a text from Zayn. 

'Hey beautiful I wanted to take you out tonight'

-zanie ;)

i think for a moment.

'sure thing bud, what time ?xx'

moments later he replies

'i was thinking 8?'

-Zanie ;)


I reply & lock my phone putting it in Liam's pocket. "Cassidy, your done" Liam says, "cool" I look down happy with it, "thanks Wes" I say hugging him "no problem later" we walk out & jump back in the car, "what tattoo do you have?" I ask Liam, "it's uhm, the day I met my best friend.." He blushes, "awh what day?" He looks at the rode blushing , "5-14-13" he says. I think for a bit, that's the day I met him, "when did you get it?" I asked, "this morning" he smirks, "awh sweet" I say. We pull up back home & I hop out. As soon as I walk into the door all the guys come up, "LEMMME SEEEE" Louis jumps up & down, "show" Hardy practically squeals, "huh?" I say, Liam lifts up my shirt, "hot" "sweet" Niall & Zayn say , "is that wave in Arabic?" Zayn asks, "yea, I'm a bit Arabic" I say, "me too, & my tattoo is in the same spot but it says, water" I smile. "Remeber the belly button ring stays in for 3 months before taking it out or. Hanging it & ice that tattoo for an hour" Liam says, "ok" I kiss his cheek & the rest & run upstairs. 

I sit on my phone icing my tattoo in my fav lounge outfit. ( there was a knock on my door, "come in" Zayn walks in "what's up?" I ask, "well I'm taking you to the club & you need a new outfit & it's only 6:45 so let's go" he says. I slip on my sandals & grab my phone & wallet "k" we head out & drive to the closed club wear store. "Ok let's see" he says, how about this?" He holds up a yellow dress, "ewes" I say, "ok... This one?" He holds up a fluffy one"never" I say, "let me choose" he nods & sits down, I find an outfit & sneak past him to buy it. As I walk over he notices my bag, "you already bought something?" He shockingly says, "yep it's a surprise" I wink. 

7:50, I finished getting ready, god I hope Zayn likes it. Everyone else has left to surf. I walk out & Zayn see me, "damn" he says walking over & placing his hands on my hips. "Sexy ass mother fucker over here" ( I giggle & we drive off to the club. As we walk in I instantly smell all the gross shots & cheap perfume... This should be interesting... 

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