Dear Cassidy

Cassidy Tomlinson is a 16 year old girl, with a bit of sass in her. Her & her brother Louis haven't seen each other in years , ever since he moved away from the family. But one day when she gets a job offer to surf professionally she moves to Los Angles , California right away. 16 year old girl all alone in a new high school , 4 hour surf practice each morning from 2am-6am , but what happens when she moves into a house with, ROOMMATES ?


6. hot & dangerous

Cassidy's POV

we entered the club & Zayn help my hand tighter, pulling me closer. As we walk to the bar he places his hand on my ass, "Zayn..." I say, "sorry babe but I can't resist" he whispers in my ear, his hot breath sending trickles down my spine. We sit on the bar stools & Zayn whistles the guy over, "two shots man" he nods. "Alright" he replies. "Zayn?" I ask placing my hand on his knee, "yea babe?" He says, he sounds nervous from my touch so I pull my hand back, he swallows. "I've never had a shot before" I look down, "it's ok babe, just try this" he hands me the small glass, I sniff it a cring @ the smell. He chuckles then taking his down. I gulp the blue liquid down & scrunch my face. But I love it, "like it?" He asks, "love it" I say & he orders more. 

Many many shots later "wanna dance Cass?" I nod & I pull him out to the dance floor. I turn around & place his hands on my pelvis & press my ass against his friend going back & forth. We start dirty dancing more then he rams me into a wall,  "you fucking sexy you know that right baby girl?" He leans against my warm body breathing against my lips. "No I never knew" I pulled his collar , we started kissing passionately. He gripped my ass & I moaned against his lips. I lick his lower lip & he allows me in, I put on hand on his dick over his pants & he moans, "let's go home" he says, "alright" I say, we stumble outside & get in the car, "I'll drive" I say, "babe your drunk" I say, "well so are you" I say, he nods & I get in the car & drive away.

we get home safely. & everyone was asleep, I stumbled in & shut the door, my heels in my hand. I walked over to the kitchen & slid off my dress. "I'll be back" Zayn says, "ok" I say, I walk over to the fridge, in my lingerie. I start drinking milk out of the carton & someone walks in, "hel...WHOAH" It's Niall, "hey Niall" I say, "you got milk trickling down your boobs" he says, "oh who cares" I say putting it back. "Why are you just in that?" He says still staring, "I went to the club with Zayn & I was tired of my dress & heels, "your drunk" he says, "your wrong" I say, but I. Was totally wasted. "Niall baby" I say at touching his abs, he was shirtless & wearing sweats. "Yea?" He chokes out, "let's have fun" I wink & jump on him wrapping my legs around his waist & kiss him . We start to French on the couch as Zayn walks down, "WHOAH there horses" we look up, "uh oh" Niall breathes out, "no fair I want some too" Zayn says, "ok fine".i wink & I get off Niall, they both sit there in their boxers, "what now" Niall says, I pull off both their boxers & look at their dicks, Nialls is bigger, but only a little, (; you know what happens next, (; 

we go up stairs & have a little fun, "Niall" I moan, "Zayn" I breath out, "Cassidy" they both smirk. Wow good night ;) 

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