My dream is possible ~Gosh (Union J) *sequel*

George and Josh closed the chapter about Mason after he went to jail. Now that they are together for almost 2 years, they are moving in together. But there is someone who tries to ruin their life. The person wants revenge. But revenge for what?


12. || 12

I'm so, so sorry that it took so long for this part!! I had a nice idea for this part, I just couldn't figure out how to put it in. I'm not really proud of this part but yeah....But here it is xx


George POV

 When I reach the U.S after hours in the plane, I grab my luggage and there is someone waiting for me. 

"Are you Mr Shelley?" The woman asks. I nod. "Hi, I'm Jane Brookes, I am your, well, let's call it a guide. I'll explain everything in the car, okay?" I slowly nod again and I follow her with my stuff. We reach a black range rover and she unlocks it. She grabs my luggage from me and puts it in the back. I sit down on the passenger seat and she sits down on the other side. 

"We are now going to the police station." She informs me. I just nod again. "I'm going to guide you through everything, the whole thing. It's probably going to be quite hectic, so I'm just warning you. When we get to the police station, we are going to think of a plan with a pretty big group of police men and you might go undercover or anything, but only if you agree on it, of course." She smiles at me and I return it. 

"Thank you" i say quietly. She nods and a few minutes later we reach the police station. We get out of the car and we walk inside. Jane signs that I have to stay in the waiting area and she walks out. I slowly sit down and sigh. I just want my Josh back. 


After a full day of planning and thinking, Jane finally guides me to my hotel. I get into my room after thanking her and I sit down on the bed. 

How the hell did I get into this shit? Why is this freaking happening? 

I grab my phone and ring the number of Kathryn. She picks up and says hi. 

"Hi Kathryn, is Cadee awake already?" I ask. 

"Well, she was, but when she found out that she was here and that you were gone too, she just started crying and screaming. It's really tough for her..... I put her back to bed after she fell asleep because of all the crying." Kathryn says quietly. "But did she find anything about Josh already?" she says hopeful. 

"Nope, we made a plan today and we are going to start with it tomorrow, so I hope they'll find him soon" I sigh. Kathryn and I talk some more and after a little while I hang up. I walk into the bathroom to get a shower and get ready for bed, because I'm completely knackered and the jet lag isn't really helping. 

When I get out after a while, wearing some basketball shorts, I walk to the bed and lie down. I snuggle up in the sheets and close my eyes. But then my phone starts ringing. I groan and sit right up, grabbing it. I pick it up without looking who it is. 

"hello?" I say. 

"George, George, George" Someone says. "Don't do this to yourself and your miserable boyfriend. Don't look for him, or things will get even worse. Worse for you, worse for Josh, for your little daughter, for everyone you care of. I warn you, if you don't listen, you'll see what happens" the man says. I can just hear that he's smirking right now. 

"Who is this?" is the first thing I can bring out. 

"You'll find out soon" the man says and he hangs up. I gasp and throw the phone next to me and I get up. I start pacing around the room, trying to figure out what to do. I grab my phone again and ring Jane her number. She gave it to me for when I needed help or anything. 

"Jane? Please, can you come to my hotel room? It's really necessary, it's about Josh" I say quickly when she picks up. 

"Uhm, yeah, i'll be there soon, just wait in your room" She says and hangs up. I throw my phone back onto the bed and I start pacing again. My phone starts ringing again and I look at it. What if it's the same guy again?

I pick it up and press the 'answer' button. 

"what did I tell you? I just warned you and what are you doing? Exactly, you just go your own way and don't listen to me. So yeah, it's your own fault that this is happening now" He says. 

"What are you talking about? What are you going to do?" I say. He laughs. 

"Just listen" he says in a serious tone. I listen and suddenly I can hear someone scream and shout at top of their lungs and I recognize it right away. That's Josh. 

"JOSH!" I shout into the phone. "JOSH, IS THAT YOU!?" 

"Don't bother shouting, he can't hear you. So, this is what happens if you tell anyone something about this and if you keep searching for him. Do you understand me? I would know what to do now..." He says with a voice that's creeping me out. 

"How do you even know that I called someone about this?" I ask him. 

"I have my sources, you know" He says and the gets blank. I put the phone away from my ear and look around the room. Every single place. I close the windows and the curtains and I lock the door. My heart is racing and i can't stop looking around me. I sit down on the bed and my breathing gets quicker. I lie my head in my hands and I can hear a knock on the door. I slowly get up, scared of who it is. I look through the peek-hole in the door and see that it's Jane. I unlock the door as fast as possible and open it. When she sees me, she looks worried right away. 

"George, are you okay?" she asks, while she walks in. I shake my head and point at my phone. She walks to the bed and sits down. She gets the sign and picks up the phone to look at it. 

"Some weird guy called me and warned me that I had to stop searching, or else he'll hurt me, Josh, Cadee and everyone I love. When he hang up, I called you and a few seconds after the call ended, he called again. He said that I failed it and that I hadn't listened to him. He said that I had to live with the consequence's and it was quiet for a few seconds, but then someone started screaming, and I knew it was Josh immediately." I say to her. My breathing and my heart are going even quicker then before. 

Jane looks at me and starts roaming through my phone. She is concentrated and when she looks up at me, she gets up. 

"Put some clothes on and come down into the lobby. I'm waiting for you, we need to get to the police station, now" She says. I nod and she walks out. I grab my suicase and put on some jeans and one of Josh his sweaters. I grab my keys and walk out. I get to the elevator and when I reach the lobby, we get to her car and drive to the station. 

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