My dream is possible ~Gosh (Union J) *sequel*

George and Josh closed the chapter about Mason after he went to jail. Now that they are together for almost 2 years, they are moving in together. But there is someone who tries to ruin their life. The person wants revenge. But revenge for what?


11. || 11

Josh POV

I look at David with wide eyes. He's walking towards me and I'm getting more scared by the second. 

"Did you really think that you could just do that? Just hit me, well, I'll get you out of your dream." He smirks. He walks closer to me and I back up against the wall. He is now standing in front of me, really close to me, but is just looking at me, he doesn't do anything. Suddenly his fist collides with my face and I tumble down to the ground. I try to get up as fast as I can, but he knocks me back down. 

**** a little while later ****

I groan while I'm lying on the ground of the room. I can't move at all, because it hurts to much. The only thing I can do is looking at the tv screen, but nothing is happening there now. Suddenly I can hear the door open and I get scared immediately. David said he wasn't done with me yet, so it's probably him, ready to beat the f*ck out of me, again....

I try to turn around to see who it is, but it just hurts to much. Someone is hovering over me, but it isn't David. It's "the nice" guy. 

"jeez, are you okay?"  He asks, kneeling down next to me. 

"Does it look like I'm okay?" I mutter angrily. He looks a bit taken back, but I really don't care about that right now. 

"I'm sorry dude, wait, I'll be right back" He says and he gets up. It gets quiet, so that'll probably mean that he is gone. Soon enough I hear shuffling and he kneels down in front of me again with an aid-kit in his hands. He opens it and cleans my wounds and stuff. After that he helps me up and he lies me down on the mattress. 

"Thanks" I say quietly.

"No problem" he smiles. "I'll come by later with some food" He says and he wants to walk out of the room. 

"wait!" i say. He turns around and looks at me. "Why am I here?" 


 George POV (Back to where his last one ended) 

After a really long day at the police office, I'm finally able to go home. I park my car on the front porch and get out of the car. I can see that Carter is standing in front of the window, with Cadee on his hip, looking at me. Cadee starts smiling instantly when she sees me and I open the front door to get into the house. When I walk into the living room, she comes running to me and I lift her up. She hugs me tight. 

"Thank you so much, Car" I say to Carter. He smiles at me.

"No problem, it was really fun, right Cadee?" He says and Cadee nods. 

"Where is daddy?" she asks me. My smile fades and I look at her. 

"He isn't here yet, baby. But i'll find him" I say quietly. She looks sad at me and I rub her back a bit. I look at the time and see that it's quite late already. "Shall I put you in bed?" I ask her and she yawns. I smile at Carter and start walking upstairs. I walk into her room and lie her down in her bed. She just starts crying and she reaches out her arms to me. I pick her up again and sit down in the rocking chair. I lie her down on my chest and she hugs my sweater. I start rocking the chair a bit and I stroke her hair, while I quietly sing to her. 

When she is asleep, I slowly carry her to her bed and lie her down. I kiss her head and I walk downstairs again. Carter is sitting on the couch and I sit down next to him. 

"How was it?" He asks me. I sigh and put my head in my hands. He rubs my back and wraps an arm around me. 

"We made a plan to get him back, but....he is in the States. Somewhere in Arizona. I have to go there and then I'm like going under cover to get him back, but I can't take Cadee with me. I can't leave her alone right now. I'm the only thing she has left..." I say and tears are flowing over my cheeks. He pulls me to him and he hugs me tight. 

"When do you have to leave?" Carter asks a little while later. 

"Tomorrow...." I sniff. "I really need to pack now. And I also need to bring Cadee to Kathryn." 

"It's okay, I'll leave, so you can just do your thing." he says. We get up and walk to the front door. He opens the front door and wants to walk out, but I pull him back. 

"Can I just try something?" I say quietly. He slowly nods and I slowly lean in. When our lips touch, I feel......totally nothing. At all. I pull back and look down. "Uhm, sorry...." 

"Uhm, no it's okay. But I....I should leave" He says. He quickly pecks my cheek and walks out the door. I close the door and sigh. I walk into the living room and grab the phone. I call Kathryn and when she picks up, she sounds sleepy. 

"Hi, it's George. Sorry for calling so late, but I need to go to the U.S tomorrow, but I can't take Cadee with me. Can I bring her to yours for a while?" 

"Yeah, of course, darling. But why do you need to go there?" 

"The police thinks that Josh is there and I'm going to look for him. He's probably kidnapped" I say quietly. I can hear that Kathryn takes a deep breath. 

"Oh god" She whispers. "Is he okay? Do you know anything?" 

"No, I'm sorry. But I'll call you as soon as I get some news" I say. We talk a bit more and when we hang up, I get back upstairs and start packing for myself and Cadee. When everything is done, I change and get into the bed. 

**** Next morning ****

I wake up at 6 AM, because I need to bring Cadee to Bristol and then I need to get to the airport  for my flight. 

I get up and grab some clothes and put them on. After that I walk to Cadee her bedroom to look if she's still sleeping. Of course she is. I walk out again and go downstairs to make some breakfast. 

When I'm already to leave, I walk upstairs to get Cadee. I walk into her room and see that she is still sleeping, so I just grab her and put her into the car. I grab a little blanket and put it over her, so she won't get cold. 

When we reach the house of Kathryn, I carry Cadee inside and grab her small suitcase with her stuff in it. I hand it to Kathryn and I lie Cadee down on the couch. I try to wake her up, so i can say goodbye. 

"Cadee, baby, wake up" I quietly say into her ear. She slowly opens her eyes and looks up at me. "Daddy is going away for a little while okay? I'm going to look for daddy" I say to her. She hugs me tight. 

"No, stay" She says. I slowly let her go and get up. She starts screaming and Kathryn picks her up. She signs me to go and I kiss Cadee her head one more time before leaving. A tear finds it's way down my face. It hurts so much to see her like this. 

I run to the other side of the street, to the house of my parents. I knock on the door and my mum opens it. She sees that I'm crying and hugs me. 

"Georgey, what's wrong?" She asks me. 

"I'm going to the U.S, to look for Josh, but I can't take Cadee with me, so she's with Kathryn but it breakes my heart to leave her alone" I cry. My mum just rubs my back and I cry into her shoulder. 

When I said goodbye to everyone, I jump into my car and drive to the airport. I reach it and I can board right away, because I was quite late. 

"I'm coming for you Josh,  I love you" I whisper to myself. 

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