My dream is possible ~Gosh (Union J) *sequel*

George and Josh closed the chapter about Mason after he went to jail. Now that they are together for almost 2 years, they are moving in together. But there is someone who tries to ruin their life. The person wants revenge. But revenge for what?


7. || 07

George POV

Later that day Jaymi leaves and the police officers had come by. They asked me a lot of questions and they said that they would do their best to find him. 

I sit down on the couch and sigh. 

Why does this need to happen? All I want is to be happy with Josh, have a happy life, together. Have our own family, get married sometime later. I don't know, I just want to be with him. That would be my perfect dream life. 

I can hear Cadee cry upstairs and I walk to her room. She is sitting up in her bed and her arms reach out to me. I pick her up and she cries into my shoulder. I try to shush her and I walk downstairs with her. 

"What's wrong, baby girl?" I ask her quietly. 

"Daddy come back" She says and she cries harder. I sigh. 

"So do I, but...I'm sorry, sweety" I whisper to her. She just keeps crying and crying.

**** Next morning ****

"Come on, we are going shopping okay?" I say to Cadee. She doesn't respond, she just hugs her bunny. "Do you want to take bunny with you?" She nods and I put her in the stroller. 

I go outside and walk towards the shopping mall. 

When I'm looking for clothes in Jack Wills, someone taps my shoulder.

"George?" The voice says. I turn around and look into very familiar eyes. 

"Carter?" I say. I smile spreads around my face. A few years ago I was on a vacation and Carter was my summer love. I thought we would keep contact, but as soon as I left, I never heard anything from him again. 

"Yup" He smiles. He reaches his arms out and I give him a hug. "I'm sorry I never contacted you, it was a pretty hectic time after, so I forgot about you. Sorry" he says sheepishly. I smile at him. 

"It's okay. Do you want a hang out now? Maybe go to starbucks or something?" I say. He nods and grab the stroller. He looks at it. 

"It that your daughter?" He asks, looking at her. He kneels down beside it and looks at Cadee. 

"Uhm, well, she is actually the daughter of my bo-....I mean, I guess he's my ex-boyfriend now....He left 2 days ago, suddenly, but he left her with me. This is Cadee" He looks up at me.

"Are you serious?" I nod. "Wow, I'm sorry" I smile sadly and take a deep breath. "Do you want to go?" He gets up and I nod. We walk out the store towards the nearest Starbucks. We walk in and sit down at an table. He walks to get our drinks and I sit down. Cadee is sleeping in the stroller, so I just let her. 

Carter comes back with two drinks. 

"I bought you a Mocha Latte, that's your favorite right?" He smiles. I nod. 

"Wow, impressive that you still remember that" I laugh. He sits down and we start talking a little. 

Suddenly my phone starts ringing. I pick it up. 

"Hello?'' I say. 

"George Shelley?" the voice says. 

"Yes.." i say hesitantly. 

"It's officer Moore. I want to tell you something about the search of Joshua Cuthbert." i shoot uo in my chair. 

"Did you find him?!" I say. 

"Uhm, no. Sorry sir. But we did find his phone, in a bin on the airport. But he didn't take a flight anywhere. He isn't on any list. Do you maybe know where he could've gone to?" The officer says. 

"Uhm, I don't know. No, sorry. I can't help you, I guess" I say quietly. 

"Okay, we'll search further for him. Thank you. Bye" 


I hang up and look at Carter. 

"Sorry, I really had to take it" I say. 

"It's okay. Are you alright?" He asks. I sigh. 

"Yeah, I guess" i say and I bite my lip. "it was the police. They started are searching for Josh, her dad" I point at Cadee. "But they haven't found him yet" I say. 

"Oh, I hope they'll find him quickly" He says. He slowly puts his hand on top of mine on the table. I look at it and it actually feels pretty good. "What if we have a movie night tonight, just like we did that summer? To take your mind off of the things going on now" He says. 

"yeah, good idea. At mine tonight?" I smile. He nods and smiles too. 


Later that night I get Cadee ready for bed when the doorbell rings. I put her on my hip and walk down the stairs. I open the front door and Carter walks in. 

"Can you wait in the living room? I'll just put Cadee in bed" i say. He nods and walks into the living room. I get up the stairs again and put Cadee in her bed. She snuggles up to her bunny and I kiss her forehead. "I'll come by later, okay?" I say, but she probably doesn't even hear it anymore, because she is asleep already. 

I walk down the stairs again and walk into the living room. Carter looks around and smiles at me. 

"You can pick a film, while I grab some popcorn okay?" I say. He nods again and I walk into the kitchen. I grab a big bowl and put popcorn in it and grab two glasses with cola. I walk back into the living room and put it on the table. Carter sits back down on the couch and I grab two blankets. I hand one to him and I sit down on the couch. 

"What film did you pick?" I ask him. 

"Paranormal Activity" he smiles. I smile back at him and the film starts. Carter wraps an arm around my shoulder and I scoot a little bit closer to him. 

2 Hours later the film is over and all cuddled up with Carter. I sit right up and look at him. 

"Thanks for doing this. I'm feeling a lot better." I smile at him. 

"No problem, I'm glad you are feeling better now. But I think I got to head home" he says, smiling sadly. I nod and we get up. I walk him to the front door and he puts his shoes and coat on. 

"I'll see you tomorrow?" He asks. I nod. He looks at me and bites his lip, looking like he's thinking. He quickly leans in and pecks my lips. He opens the door and walks out. 



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