My dream is possible ~Gosh (Union J) *sequel*

George and Josh closed the chapter about Mason after he went to jail. Now that they are together for almost 2 years, they are moving in together. But there is someone who tries to ruin their life. The person wants revenge. But revenge for what?


5. || 05

George POV 

"Daddy, what's wrong?" Asks Cadee. I look up at her.

"Nothing, baby girl" I say. She gets up, hugging the bunny and walks to me. I pull her on my lap and look at the bunny. Suddenly an awful smell is hanging under my nose. I grab the bunny and smell it. 

"Wow, yup it's the bunny. Let's clean it okay?" I say to Cadee. She shakes her head, but I take it out of her hands and get up. I carry Cadee to the cleaning room and put the bunny in the washing machine. She starts crying, but I turn it on and walk out again. "Cadee, it's needs to be clean, you'll get it back before you go to sleep okay?" I say, trying to make her stop crying. 

"Pwomise?" She says, with a tear stained face. I nod and kiss her forehead. I walk back into the living room and Josh walks in too. He walks to me and kisses my cheek. I put Cadee on the floor and the doorbell rings. I walk into the hallway and open the front door. Both of our families walk in. I hug everyone and we walk back into the living room. 

"Josh!" I shout when i see that he isn't in the living room. Everyone sits down and Cadee starts talking with them about her doll she's holding. "Josh, where are you?" i say when I walk into the kitchen. He isn't there either so I look outside to the backyard. Again, no Josh. Where can he be? 

I walk back into the living room and sit down. 

"Where is Josh?"  Asks Kathryn. 

"I actually don't know. I look upstairs for him." I say. i get up and walk up the stairs. "Josh?!" i say. I look into our bedroom, but it's the same as when i left it this morning. I look in Cadee her room, but he isn't there either. At last I look in the bathroom. The door is unlocked, so I slowly open it. Josh is standing in front of the mirror, looking nervous and doing is hair over and over. 

"Hey, everyone is here. And stop messing with your hair, it looks amazing like this" I smile. He looks at me and smiles. He walks out of the bathroom, grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers. I peck his lips and we walk downstairs again. Everyone turns around and they start singing 'happy birthday' to us. 

I look at Josh and he looks at me. We are both laughing and we sit down when the song is over. 

"So, how is it going? Do you like the house and stuff?" Asks my mum. I look at Josh and bite my lip. We both nod, I smile so that they won't find out that this house is like, haunted or something. "You sure, George?" 

"Yeah" I smile. Josh wraps his arm around my shoulder and we talk about other things. 


Later that night we all get ready to go out for diner. We are now going with everyone, instead of the three of us. Josh and I are both in the bathroom doing our hair. He is standing in front of the mirror, shirtless, and I can't keep my eyes off of his sixpack.

I'm ready first, so I walk downstairs to get Cadee and put some clean clothes on her. When I finish that, I walk back into the living room and everyone is ready, except for Josh. 

I walk into the hallway and stay at the beginning of the stairs. 

"Josh, are you ready to go?!" i shout, no respond. I frown and get up the stairs, again. I sigh when I reach the top and walk to the bathroom, but it's empty. I walk into the bedroom, I look around but Josh is nowhere in the room. I look in every room upstairs, but he isn't anywhere. "Seriously? How many times do I have to seek him today?" I mutter to myself. 

I walk down the stairs and everyone looks at me. 

"Have you guys seen Josh? I can't find him, again" I say. 

"I thought he went outside to put Cadee's carseat in" Says Callum. I turn around and walk to the front door. The car is standing on the porch. I walk to it and see that the carseat is in, all the doors are closed, but Josh isn't here. 

I look around, but everything is empty, except for 2 cars driving out of the street. I sigh and walk back inside. 

"He isn't there anymore" i say when I walk back into the living room. They all look at me weird and start looking around. I walk back to the kitchen and look outside to the backyard. Everything is just normal and still no Josh. I grab my phone and see that I have one text message. 

From: Joshhh

Sorry for not saying anything about it, but I'm leaving, I'm really sorry, I just don't love you anymore, bye x Josh

Oh god, shit just happened. As fast as possible I run up the stairs to our bedroom. I open the closet and see that a load of his stuff is gone. 

I stumble back and sit down on the bed. Why would he suddenly leave? This must be a stupid, freaking joke. 

I get up and walk down the stairs. I walk into the living room and look at everyone. 

"George, what's wrong? It looks just like you've seen a ghost" says, Kathryn. 

"It's Josh......he.....he left" I say. Only then it hits me. He really is gone. I sit down on the couch and I start crying. But because of the thought that Josh isn't here to make me feel better, makes it even worse. 

"What do you mean by that?" Says my mum. She sits down next to me and rubs my back. 

"He send me this text and all of his stuff is gone" i sniff, while handing my phone to my mum. She reads it and looks at the others. 

"George, you know that Josh would never do this to you. He loves you, he would never leave you" Kathryn says. 

"Well, he clearly did!" i shout. "sorry" i say after. She signs that it's okay and then Cadee comes running in. 

"Daddy, why are you crying?" she says and she cradles on my lap. 

"Wait, why did't he take Cadee with him? It's his daughter..." I say. I wrap my arms around her tiny body and look around at the others. "Do you know where daddy is?" I ask Cadee. She shakes her head and she just hugs me. 

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