My dream is possible ~Gosh (Union J) *sequel*

George and Josh closed the chapter about Mason after he went to jail. Now that they are together for almost 2 years, they are moving in together. But there is someone who tries to ruin their life. The person wants revenge. But revenge for what?


3. || 03

George POV

That night Josh and I are lying on the couch. 

"You don't need to go to your work tomorrow, right?" I ask him when we watch tv. He shakes his head. 

"Nope, I don't have work in the weekend. I want to be home with you two" He says, smiling at me. I peck his lips and put my head in the crook of his neck. "Is JJ coming tomorrow?" I nod. 

He's coming over because it's my birthday tomorrow, yay! Jeez, I'm getting old. 

 **** Next Morning ****

"Wake up, daddy!" squeals Cadee. I open my eyes and see that she is sitting on the bed next to me. "Happy birthday!" she shouts and she sits down on my stomach. 

"Thank you, cupcake" I say to her and I kiss her forehead. "Where is daddy?" 

"He comes soon with food for you" She says. Right then Josh walks in with a tray full of food. He puts it on the bed beside me and sits down. 

"Happy birthday, babe" He says and he kisses me. I smile at him when we pull back and Josh hands the tray with food to me. I sit up against the headbord and I place the tray on my lap. 


Later that day we are sitting in the living room with the three of us. The bell rings and I get up. JJ is standing there with Caterina and Princeton. I open the door and they walk in. JJ puts Princeton on the ground and he runs to Cadee. He hugs me and after that Caterina hugs. 

"Happy birthday man" JJ says. 

"Thanks" I smile. Caterina says the same and we walk into the living room. They give Josh a hug too and wish him a happy birthday too, because his birthday is tomorrow. They all sit down and I go to the kitchen for coffee and cake. 

I walk back into the living room and put it in front of them. I sit down on the couch and Josh wraps an arm around my shoulder. I kiss his cheek. 

We all start talking a bit, while Princeton and Cadee are playing together. But once again a weird feeling gets to me. I feel like we're being watched. I look around and look out the window, but I can't see anything. 

"Hey, you alright?" Josh asks, he squeezes my shoulder. I stutter something, but nod. I lie my head on his shoulder and sigh. 

A few hours later they leave again and Josh starts cooking. I stand behind him, wrap my arms around his waist and lie my head on his shoulder. I kiss his cheek and look at what he's making. 

"Yay, Macoroni and cheese" I smile. "Thank you" I kiss his cheek again and I walk upstairs to wake up Cadee. I walk to her door, but I can see that the door next to it, suddenly closes. What the hell?

I walk to the door and slowly reach out to the handle. I push it down and open the door a little. I kick the door and look into it. I can't see anything, so I walk in. I look around the room and see that the curtain in front of the window is flowing because of the wind. I walk to the window and look out of it. It's completely empty and i slowly close the window. I walk out of the room and I can hear Cadee cry. I walk into her room and she is sitting right up in her bed. 

"Cupcake, what's wrong?" I say, while I pick her up. She just cries into my shoulder. I walk downstairs and sit down on the rocking chair. I lull her a little, tickling her stomach. It always makes her laugh, even when something hurts. She stops crying after a few seconds and she quietly starts laughing, which goes louder because I keep tickling her. I pick her up again and walk into the kitchen. 

I put her on top of the counter and we look what Josh is doing. 

"hey, baby girl, do you want some?" Josh asks Cadee. She nods and he gets some cheese out of the pan. She eats it and I put her in her feeding chair. I walk back to Josh and grab the pan, because the food is done. I put it on the table and we sit down. 

"We are going out for diner tomorrow, right?" I ask. 

"Yeah, we just need to make sure we actually know which restaurant we're going to." Josh says and I nod. We all start eating. 


After diner we sit outside in the backyard. It's starting to get warmer already, so it's pretty nice. Cadee is playing in the grass and Josh and I are just watching her. 

"George?" Josh says. I look around and hum something that sounds like a yes. "What was going on earlier when you were looking around and stuff? Since we moved in here, you're acting a bit weird..." He says. I nod. 

"I know, I just have a weird feeling sometimes. It feels like there is someone else in this house sometimes. When I got Cadee our of bed for diner, the door from the spare room suddenly closed and when I got into that room, the window was open, while we closed everything earlier. This house is just scaring me...." I say. Josh signs that I have to come and I get up. He pulls me on his lap and I hug him.

"There is nothing to scared of, George. Your're hero is right here" he says, smiling innocently. I laugh and nod. "I'll save you" he winks. I kiss him.

"I know, and I love you" I say. Suddenly we hear a loud thud and we look around. Cadee is still playing with a ball, so it wasn't her. 

"Did that come from inside the house?" josh asks. I shrug and Josh pats my leg, signing that I have to get up. "I'll see what's going on, you stay here with Cadee okay?" I nod and he walks inside the house. I sit down and look at Cadee. The ball rolls to me and she runs after it. Soon enough Josh walks outside again.

"What was it?" I ask. He shrugs. 

"I don't know, I didn't see anything" he says. "Are you two coming inside? Cadee needs to go to bed" I nod and I grab Cadee. We walk inside and Josh puts Cadee in bed. I sit down on the couch and sigh. What the hell is going on in this house?

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