My dream is possible ~Gosh (Union J) *sequel*

George and Josh closed the chapter about Mason after he went to jail. Now that they are together for almost 2 years, they are moving in together. But there is someone who tries to ruin their life. The person wants revenge. But revenge for what?


2. || 02

George POV

After diner I wash the dishes. Josh and Cadee are playing in the living room and when I'm done, I go there too. 

Josh is sitting on the ground, his back facing me. Cadee is sitting in front of him, playing with something. I walk to them and I sit down on Josh his back. 

"What are you two doing?" I ask.  I wrap my arms around Josh his neck, so I don't fall off. 

"We are pwaying with wego" Brooke says. 

"What is wego?" I whisper in Josh his ear. 

"Lego, you dumbass" he says and he throws me off of his back. I land on the ground and sit down with my back against the couch. 

"That's not nice, daddy" Brooke says. I silently laugh, but when Brooke looks at me, I try to keep a straight face. 

"No, that was not nice, daddy" I say to Josh, in the same way as Brooke did. 

"Oh, I'm sorry Georgeyy, did I hurt you?" he says, laughing. I laugh too but I nod. 

"Right here" i say, pointing at me lips. "Can you kiss it better?" Josh laughs and comes over to me. He hovers over me and pecks my lips. 

"That was such a cheesy move" he whispers. I just smile and kiss him. When we pull back, Josh sits down again and he pulls me on his lap. He wraps his arms around my waist and I turn around to look at Cadee. She looks up at us with her big, blue eyes. 

"Gwoup hug!" She squeals. She cradles over to us and gets on my lap. We both wrap our arms around her tiny body and she wraps her small arms around us. We start laughing and we let her go. 

"I guess it's time for you to go to bed" Josh says to Cadee. She starts shaking her head.

"No, Cadee not tired" She says, but we can both see that she's almost falling asleep. 

"Come on, I'll get you to bed" I say. I get up and pick her up. She lies her head on my shoulder and she yawns. I walk up the stairs and change her into her pajama's. I lie her down in her bed and she falls asleep right away. I kiss her forehead and turn off the light, when I walk out. 

When I reach downstairs I can see Josh watching tv. I walk towards the couch and sit down on his lap. 

"Hey babe" he says. He turns his gaze away from the tv and looks at me. I peck his lips and sit down next to him. He lies his head down on my lap and I start playing with his hair. "When is your first day of work?" 

"Tomorrow, I have to get up at 6 AM" he sighs. 

"That early?" I ask, he nods. 

"It's a 30 minute drive and I have to be there at 7;15. Why does the world hate me so much!?" He says, the last part like a freaking drama king. 

"Chill, dudeee. But are you sure I don't need to work?" I say to him. 

"No, you're just staying home, you can take care of Cadee. You can be housewife" He smiles at me. I hit his arm and he laughs. "Sorry" 

"You better be" I smile. I give him a kiss and I yawn. "Let's go to bed. I want to try out the bed" 

"In what kind of way?" He teases. 

"Stop, I just want to sleep" I whine. "Maybe tomorrow" I wink. He laughs and we get to the bedroom. We both strip down to our boxers and we get in bed. I snuggle up to Josh and lie my head in the crook of his neck. We fall asleep. 


**** Next Morning ****


I wake up by hearing shuffling next to me. 

"George, it's just me, I'm leaving now. I love you" Josh whispers. He kisses me and walks out of the room. I turn around and try to fall asleep again. And luckily, it works.

When I wake up again, it's because I can hear Cadee talking to herself through the mobile thing. I slowly get out of bed and walk to her bedroom. When I open the door and look at her, she sits right up and holds her arms out for me to pick her up.

"Daddy" She says, happily. 

"Good morning, baby girl" I say to her. "Are you hungry?" She nods and I walk to the kitchen with her. "Do you want some pancakes?" she nods again and I set her on the ground when I'm in the kitchen. I grab everything I need to make pancakes, while Cadee is running around the kitchen. 

"Come here, Cadee" I say. I pick het up and put her in her feeding chair. I put a plate with a pancake in front of her and she starts kneading it. I silently laugh and sit down. I make her stop and I grab the plate. She looks at me with sad eyes. 

"No playing with food okay?" I say to her. She looks at me, but doesn't do anything. I put the plate in front of her again, but she starts playing again. I sigh and just let her. 


Later that day I put Cadee to bed for her nap and I walk downstairs again. A weird feeling spreads around my body. I stop walking when I'm half way down the the stairs and I look around me. I have the weird feeling that I'm not alone right now. 

I shake my head and start walking down the stairs again. I walk into the living room and put on the mobile babyphone. I sit down on the couch and grab my phone.  I can hear some shuffling through the babyphone and I stop moving. I listen quietly, but soon enough the thing is quiet again. God, this house is creeping me out already. 

I look at the time and see that it's 5 PM already. I walk to the kitchen, to make some diner for when Josh gets home. I start cooking when I can hear a door open. I look around but I can't see anything. I grab the ingredients to make some pasta, when someone wraps their arms around my waist. I scream a little and I jump up. I look right into Josh his eyes. 

"Jeez, you scared me" i say. He laughs. 

"Sorry" he smiles and he kisses me slightly. "How was your day?" 

"Weird. I've had a weird feeling all day. It felt like there was someone else here" I say quietly. He looks at me weird. 

"what do you mean?" He asks. He walks closer to me and lies his arms loosely around me waist. I shrug. 

"I don't know. Just, never mind" I smile. "How was your day?" i ask to change the subject. 

"It was pretty exhausting, actually" He says and he yawns. 

"So no trying out the bed tonight?" I wink at him. He laughs and shakes his head.

"Not that in that way, no" He smiles. "Should i make the pasta and that you get Cadee?" I nod and I peck his lips before I walk to the stairs. I walk to Cadee her room and see that the window is open. I thought it was closed when I left it here earlier?

I walk to the small bed and shake Cadee. She opens her eyes and looks up at me. 

"Diner is ready" I whisper. She lazily reaches out her small arms and I pick her up. She wraps her arms around my neck and lies her head on my shoulder when I walk down the stairs with her. We walk into the kitchen and it smells amazing. 

"Daddy" Cadee says. Josh looks around and smiles at her. She reaches out her arms to him and he grabs her. 

"Hi cupcake" He says. 

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