Harry is the guy. He's the one I need, but unfortunately for me, the one he needs in Jess, my bestfriend. I feel so guilty but I can't help but fall for him, am I just kidding myself or does he feel the same way?..


2. The Party.


We arrived at Jack’s house, we all went over to meet him, he was so hot, he had hazel eyes and had darker skin, he seemed quite mysterious, he looked as though he had been chiselled by the gods, he seemed to take a liking to Rach, who is also gorgeous, she has beautiful curly hair, very long and she has big features but she is really pretty, she also has darker skin which gives her a Hawaiian look but she’s from New Zealand and her Dad is Maori  which explains the skin colour. We finally left Rach and Jack alone and I went to go and get a drink, it was some sort of punch with a whole lot of vodka chucked in with it, it was horrible! I turned around and scanned the room to see if I knew anyone here and something made me stop, I saw Harry staring at me from the other side of the room, he was talking to one of his friends and had this charming look in his beautiful emerald eyes, I looked away but couldn’t resist looking again to see if he was still staring at me, and he was. I felt bad. I saw Harry hug his friend and head towards me, my stomach dropped, but then he was stopped by something, he looked away, I was confused but then I felt two hand on my waste from behind me, I turned, It was Axl. He looked good. Really, really good. I was happy to see him, he had gelled his hair up, he’d had it cut since yesterday and he was wearing jeans and a black top and leather jacket, “HEY!” I said a little bit too excitedly, I think the vodka had hit me a little bit, he laughed, “Hey babe!”, we hugged and he got him self a drink, “ I like your hair” I said to make conversation, “Thanks, I thought I should get into the trend a bit!” he said sarcastically. I giggled. “I’m happy you’re here” he said, which was odd, why is he happy that I’m here? I took a bit too long to reply, “Uh, same, you too” I said, he smiled, Oh he is pretty I thought, and just looked at him for a moment, “Can I talk to you outside?” he said. “Uh, yeah sure” I said, confused about why he was acting strange, he took my hand and led me through the crowd to the back garden and slid the door open, we stepped outside.


There were still some people outside but it was quieter. We sat down on some lawn chairs, he looked into my eyes, “you look amazing” he whispered, I looked at him confused “Okay!” he said, as though he knew I thought he was being peculiar, “Umm, I just wondered if you wanted to go to the movies with me sometime?” I just looked at him, confused, “It’s just that I think you are amazing. You’re beautiful, you’re smart, funny, witty, amaz-“ he stopped, disappointed, expecting me to say no or laugh at him.. I said “I Uh, I do-“ and I just kissed him, I don’t know where it came from, I don’t know if it was the drink or-, he just said all the right things, I just forgot about Harry and  I just kissed him. His lips were so soft, I could feel him smiling, his hands on my waist, our tongues intertwining, his hand cupped my face, he pulled away “So you will go to the movies with me then?” he said worried, I giggled and kissed him again, for about another five minutes and then pulled away, “Yes, I will go to the movies with you”, he smiled and kissed my nose. His hair was scruffy now from me running my hands through it, but he looked even better. He took my hand and pulled my off the chair, we walked inside and headed upstairs, as soon as we got into the house I could feel Harry glaring at us and all of my friends were smiling at me, as best friends do, we walked up the stairs and into a room, it was Jacks room I think, or a brothers or something, I looked around the room, I then felt Axl behind me, he hugged me from behind, kissing my neck and then pulling me onto the bed, 

I laughed and laid down on the bed, and he crawled on top of me touch my thigh, he kissed me, I ran my hands up his back pulling his top over his head, he unbuttoned my top, showing my white lace bra (I guess I did need it). He kissed me first on my lips, then my neck, then in between my boobs, then the top of my stomach, he then unzipped my skirt and pulled it off of me kissing just above my thong, he pulled off his trousers and continued kissing me, but then the door swung open, light flooded into my eyes, I heard a familiar voice, it was Rach, Rach and Jack were looking for a room, they laughed and then Rach noticed it was me…”CAT?!” she said smiling, “Hey Rach” I said embarrassed, “Oh Sorry!” She said, and they walked out of the room, “Be Safe!” I shouted to her, and they closed the door, Axl laughed, he laid down behind me and we spooned, “you’re amazing’ he whispered into my ear, and with that I fell asleep.


I woke up at 4am because I was freezing cold and I only had my underwear on, I reached around for my clothes but couldn’t find them, I saw Axl’s top on the floor so I picked it up and put it on, I looked at him, he was so peaceful, like nothing mattered in the world, I kissed his shoulder and then went downstairs because I was thirsty, I crept downstairs and found the kitchen, I look around the cupboards and found a glass and poured myself some water from the tap, then I felt that someone was watching me, I turned, it was Harry, he looked like he had been crying, I walked over to him and said “Are you okay? Where’s Jess?” I thought she might be upstairs in one of the rooms, “Uh, no actually, me and Jess broke up” he said and looked down. I gasped, “Oh, Harry, why?! Is she okay? Are you okay?” I said trying to cover myself up, “She uh, she saw me looking at you and she thought that something happened between us or something” he said apologetically, “WHAT?!” I said to him, “ I don’t know, I’m sorry!” he started crying. I was fuming. “Is she mad a me?!” I said with tears in my eyes, “U-uh ye-yeah shee is, i-I’m so sorry Cat! I d-didn’t mean f-for this to happen!!” tears were streaming down his face by now, I just looked at him, “You need to fix this.” I said to him with the most serious look on my face, I walked past him pushing him out of the way, “Cat, I’m s-so sorry!” he said, I could here how upset he was, I hated to hear him crying. I went back upstairs and got back into bed with Axl and I cried.


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