Harry is the guy. He's the one I need, but unfortunately for me, the one he needs in Jess, my bestfriend. I feel so guilty but I can't help but fall for him, am I just kidding myself or does he feel the same way?..


1. The Day.

Cat's POV

Him. He has always been the one I needed. The thing I was searching for in life to fill the dark hole of depression that hung above me attacking me, causing me pain every moment that it had the opportunity. He is perfect.


I woke up with the biggest smile on my face, but it slowly faded as I realised that the past eight hours had just been a faint fantasy built up by the thoughts that filled my mind, I was dreaming about him again. Harry, the boy that made me smile just by hearing his voice in class. He’s my crush, and may I so say myself, I do have some great taste! He is that guy that has everything, the looks, the charm, the talent, and unfortunately for me… the girl, and its not like he’s just with her for her looks, she’s funny, clever, stylish, beautiful and… my best friend! Yes, that’s right, I’m practically in love with my best friends boyfriend!! What is wrong with me?!. She’s so great and I just feel the worst person in the world but I can’t help it, he just makes all the bad things in my life vanish when he’s around me, he’s my rock. 

*AT SCHOOL – Later that morning*

I walked through the front gates of the school, hoping that the day would go fast so I wouldn’t be trapped in the never-ending daze of algebra and juxtaposition. I was making my way to lock up my bike, I heard a voice calling me “CAT! HEY CAT! I’M HERE!” I look down humiliated by the sound of my friend Lin screaming my name, she ran over towards me saying “Hey Cat! I’m here!” as she reached me I replied to her “I wasn’t looking for you!”, she laughed, shaking her head at me, “you are not a morning person are you?”, I just huffed at her and walked past her shouting “Are you coming then?” as she trailed behind me dragging her massive bag on her shoulder.


We reached our classrooms, Lin’s next to mine, I saw some of my friends standing around outside chatting before class, we walked over to them and greeted them, me more grunting at them as I was still half asleep and they all laughed and shook their heads at me in the same way that Lin did. We decided to sit on a bench because there was still 15 minutes before class, I sat next to Lin and lent against one of my other friends, Marie and the other, Rach sat on the table opposite as there wasn’t space on the bench and I called dibs. The bell rang and we all shuffled ourselves into class with great reluctance and pain, we sat for about 5 minutes listening to the teacher drain on about the school fete or something and I realised that Jess wasn’t here yet so I slyly got my phone out and texted her “where the fuck are you? are you ill or something?!” I sent to her, I then looked up and saw my teacher and my whole class staring at me as he had caught me on my phone, “Cat, am I boring you?” he said in his dull, draining voice, “No sir, sorry, carry on”, he looked at me and then started talking again, I rolled my eyes, but stopped as I saw something through the window.. Jess and Harry making out… great, my heart sank, as it does every time I see them together, they look so happy, I hate it. Jess ran into the classroom, flashing me a smile as she saw me and running over to sit next to me, she looked up at the teacher, “Sorry I’m late sir” she called out as she sat down, the teacher glaring at her and huffing, she unpacked her books and we continued with the lesson. Once the teacher had finished his eternal lecture and we were allowed to talk, Jess turned to me as soon as she could and giggled, I looked at her with an eye brow raised, “what?” I said, she giggled again and said “Sorry I was late! Me and Harry had an argument last night and he was making it up to me” she said still smiling like an idiot, I laughed the most convincing laugh I could trying to make it seem like I wanted to know about it, she continuously talked about him for the rest of the lesson, and the next two, as she always does.


We finally got out of class for lunch, after drowning in information about Atom bonding and how cute Harry is, I was starving, we went to the canteen to get lunch and I sat and inhaled the food causing me to bloat… smart move Cat, and it was not a good day to bloat as I had on my tight skirt which made me look like I have a pot belly, and to make things better Harry skips on over making me feel so self conscious and just horrible. “Hey babe” he says in his charming voice to Jess, she smiles and pecks him on the lips, “hey!”. He sits down and she jumps on his lap, “Hey Cat!” he finally says to me, “Hey Haz” I reply, with a weak smile, “You alright?” he says with a concerned look in his eyes, “Yeah” I say, “Just having a bad day”, “Oh okay” he replies knowing not to ask anymore questions. Lin, Rach and Marie finally walk over, saving me from the awkwardness of being the ‘third wheel’, they all greet each other and we finish lunch and go to our next classes.


Finally the day is over, it’s a Friday so I have a weekend of sleeping and eating ahead of me, I walk home with my friend Axl, he’s really nice and quite handsome as well, he has short straight dirty blonde coloured hair and gorgeous blue eyes, he’s really tall as well and quite thin, he’s not as gorgeous as Harry though, no, Harry’s rugged and has beautiful dark brown curls and a couple of tattoos.  Me and Axl have been friends for about two years, we met in French class and he always makes me laugh by speaking French in a very extravagant, strong accent (plus its all wrong), I say goodbye to Axl with a hug as we pass my house and I go inside.

The next morning, I got out of bed at 8 am, had a shower, got dressed and put some light make up on and walked to the shop to get some butter as we were out, I was choosing myself a chocolate bar as I couldn’t resist, I felt someone poke my hip from behind me, I squirmed a bit and turned to see Harry laughing at me, a smile spread over my face, “Hey love!” he said enthusiastically, then hugging me, “Hey Harry!” I said into his shoulder, “Are you feeling better today?” he said to me as he let go, “Yeah! Much better, thanks!” I said, as I turned back to continue choosing my candy bar, “Good!” he replied, scanning over the wrappers, we both reached in to pick up a snicker bar and touched hands, we both immediately pulled away, both blushing “My favourite!” we both said in unison as he picked up 2 and handed one to me, we both laughed, we stood in the line waiting to pay looking back at the awkwardness of the situation, when Harry suddenly blurted out “Party!”, I look at him confused and shocked by how loud he said it, he laughed and said “I just remembered, my friend Jack’s having a party at his house tonight and I wondered if you would want to come with me, Jess, Lin, Mar, and Rach?” he said, “I think Jess was going to call you about it later”, I replied with, “Ummm, yeah okay, I guess, I’m free tonight, so yeah!” rambling on. He smiled, “Okay, great! I’ll tell Jess” I smiled and we paid, he walked home with me as his house was on the way, “Okay bye love, I’ll get Jess to text you the details” He said, hugged me goodbye and walked away, I went inside and made myself some breakfast, I then ran upstairs to get my phone, and the text from Jess was already there: “Hey Catty, the parties tonight at 8, Jack’s house is just around the corner from yours so we’ll all meet you outside your house! Luv Ya XO”, I texted her back saying “Okay babe, see you then xx”. I walked into my mums bedroom and told her I was going to the party and that I would probably sleep at Lin’s or Rach’s and then I went into my brothers room and we played COD.


After what felt like 45 minutes, I looked at my watch, “OH SHIT! IT’S FUCKING 7 FUCKING THIRTY!!” I said and ran out of my brothers room and into mine, I ran into my bathroom and stripped myself down to my underwear, I changed it to my pretty white lace set of a bra and thong (just in case I get a bit too drunk!) and took all of my make up off, I then ran into my bedroom and pulled a leather skater skirt and a white lace bralett out of my closet, I changed and added some little gold cross dangly earrings and tied half of my hair up to hide the frizzier top layers, my hair is pretty long and wavy so it looked pretty nice. I then put some dressier make up on and looked at my clock, 7.55! Yes! Good timing, I ran downstairs and slipped on my white converse, looking out the window to see my friends just walking towards my house, I shouted goodbye to my mum and brother and walked out my house as my friends were just at my front gates. I ran over to them and greeted them, they all look so pretty (especially Harry) Lin was wearing a cute Aztec printed dress with vans, Rach was wearing a really cute black playsuit with a pretty gold necklace, Marie is a little bit bigger so she was wearing Leggings with a loose top but she still looked beautiful as always, and Jess was wearing a denim short pencil skirt with a white cropped top and boots and she looked gorgeous and just Jess. Then there was Harry, he was wear a dark purple, checked shirt undone halfway to show his butterfly tattoo on his abs, with a necklace and black jeans, he also had a bandana around his forehead which made him look so hot! I hugged them all, and said “should we go?” and look at Harry, he was looking me up and down and smiling which made me blush, which I tried to hide from Jess, he looked at me and said “Yeah lets go!” and winked, which made me giggle, which Lin saw and pulled me back when we were walking and said “Cat! Stop flirting!”, I said, “I’m not! I didn’t wink at him did I?!” and she reluctantly agreed with me and we carried on walking.



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