All around The World (Justin Bieber Fanfic)

Aleah is not your ordinary teenager. She has a gift of music. she can do anything that is related to music without learning how to do it. people say she was sent from heaven because Aleah has no parents or family. Aleah is really shy and lives on the streets of Canada. One day she notices huge crowds around a concert hall one night, when she was walking over to it to find out what was going on a truck came out of nowhere and knocked her out. When she woke, she saw a boy. He was holding her bridal style and was walking towards a really nice car." Who are you?"Aleah asked the boy around her age." Justin and I want to help you get better so just rest now ..." "Aleah." She said."Aleah get some rest OK I'll take care of you."Justin said putting Aleah in his car. Aleah looked at herself and saw she was covered in blood.

Read more to find out what happens next.


2. Justin

                                            (Justins' Pov)


             I ran out the door and out onto the sidewalk to get to my car when I saw a beautiful girl walking across the street. We made eye contact and she stopped. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a dump truck heading her way.You could tell the driver of the tuck was drunk because of the way he drove. "Look out. Move!"I started yelling and running towards her. She didn't seem to hear me. The truck hit her and she went flying. When I reached her I picked her up and looked at her in worry. She had been pushed a good 30 feet. She was bleeding from her head, arms,and legs. I started running to my car to get her to the hospital when I felt her tighten up. I looked at her and she was looking back at me. "Who are you?"She asked me."I'm Justin."I replied." I want to help you.." I trailed off."Aleah."She said."Aleah I'm here to help you. You need to get some rest your losing a lot of blood. Don't worry I'll take care of you."I said putting her in the passenger seat. I ran over and got in.


                                        (At The Hospital) (2 Hours Later)


               As I waited for the doctor I sat in the waiting room with some other people. I looked up and saw a younger girl around the age of 11 staring at me and blushing. Once she made eye contact with me I smiled at her and she looked away and giggled.  I saw the doctor walk in and I stood up. "Is Aleah ok?"I asked her with worry in my voice. "Yes she's alright she's badly scraped up and has lot of bruises but shes fine."The doctor said. "Can I see her?"I asked looking into the doctors eyes. The doctor just walked away. "You coming?"The doctor said. I ran over to where the doctor was. He led me to Aleah. "You can take her home tonight."The doctor said."Um,ok Thanks."I said. The doctor left and I sat there holding Aleahs' hand. "Justin?"Aleah questioned. "I'm right here."I answered quickly."Aleah?"I asked her."Yeah?"She questioned back."Where do you live so I can take you home?"I asked her. Aleah looked at the floor lowering her head. I put my hand under her chin and lifted her chin up so we were looking into each others eyes."I don't have one.I ran away from the orphanage."Aleah said with tears in her eyes."Oh that's ok. You can live with me if you'd like."I replied."Um, ok."She said unsure."It's better then the streets."I said talking with my hands.


                              (At Justins' House)  (Aleahs' POV)


         As Justin carried me through the front door(because I hurt my legs pretty bad)I saw guitars hug up on the wall and a drum set next to them. He had a grand piano and just about every interment there was in his house. It was a huge house too. He walked up stairs and went into a bedroom with neon blue walls and wood flooring.There was white dresser and a matching night stand. The bed was an Oak color and the sheets and cover were black and white stripes. Justin set me down on the bed and walked over to  a door on the left side of the room."This is the bathroom."He said opening the door. He walked over to the double doors across from the bed and opened it. "This is the closet."He said then looked at me."Would you like to go shopping tomorrow for a new wardrobe?"He asked me. "Sure."I barely made out. "Alright. my bedroom is down the hall and the last door to the right."He said. Justin walked towards the door and turned around and looked at me."Goodnight Aleah. sweat dreams."Justin said smiling shutting the door. "Goodnight."I whispered smiling at the ground. 



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