All around The World (Justin Bieber Fanfic)

Aleah is not your ordinary teenager. She has a gift of music. she can do anything that is related to music without learning how to do it. people say she was sent from heaven because Aleah has no parents or family. Aleah is really shy and lives on the streets of Canada. One day she notices huge crowds around a concert hall one night, when she was walking over to it to find out what was going on a truck came out of nowhere and knocked her out. When she woke, she saw a boy. He was holding her bridal style and was walking towards a really nice car." Who are you?"Aleah asked the boy around her age." Justin and I want to help you get better so just rest now ..." "Aleah." She said."Aleah get some rest OK I'll take care of you."Justin said putting Aleah in his car. Aleah looked at herself and saw she was covered in blood.

Read more to find out what happens next.


3. A Whole New World

                           (Aleahs' POV)


                   "Justin?!"I yelled scared waiting for an answer. I had woken from a awful dream. I looked over at the alarm clock that read 1:24 AM. I heard a creek out side in the hallway. I looked towards the door. Justin ran into see what was the matter. "Are you ok?"He asked out of breath. "I had the scariest dream."I said beginning to cry. "Do you want to tell me about it?"Justin asked sitting right next to me."Alright."I said wiping away tears.



                        (Justins' POV)



             Aleah was still crying. I pulled her up onto my lap and comforted her so she felt loved. She told me about her dream and I better admit it did seem scary. I looked over at the clock. 3:16 am

I looked down at Aleah who was now asleep cuddled up into my chest and soon I fell off into a dream. 


                                       "Morning" I smiled at Aleah as she looked up to see me still there." What are we doing today?" She asked me in a raspy voice. "Hmm, do you want to play with music?" I asked. she looked confused. " It's when you play interments or sing or dance..." I trailed off as she stared at me smiling with her eyes."So what do you think?"I asked. she nodded. 


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