The boy behind the glasses ~Gosh (Union J)

George Shelley got new neighbours. One guy caught his eye, blue eyes, a quiff, black glasses, a bit of a badboy look, but a lovely character, or well, that's what George thinks...


7. || 07

George pov

After a few seconds we pull back,  which is way to soon for me.  He looks at me,  his face bright red. 

"Uhm,  sorry..... I shouldn't have done that" I look at him,  not knowing what to say.

"So,  are you gay?" Really George ,  that's the first thing you say? "Sorry, I shouldn't have said it like that"

"No,  it's okay.  And yeah,  I'm gay.  But you probably aren't,  so I just humiliated myself to you by what I did." he says,  not daring to look up at me.  He gets up and walks out of the room. 

I get up as fast as possible and rum after him.  I see him disappear into a room.  The door closes when I'm standing in front of it.  Should I knock?  Or just wait here? 

I quietly knock on the door,  but I can't hear anything in the room.  After about 10 seconds I slowly open the door and peek in.  I don't see anything and slowly open the door a little further.  I quietly walk into the room.  I look around,  but I can't see Josh anywhere.  I see an open door,  probably leading to a balcony.  I walk to it and see Josh standing there,  hanging against the railing with his face in his hands.  I walk to him and lay my hand on his shoulder.  He looks up with bloodshot eyes. 

"I'm gay too" I whisper to him.  He looks up to me.  He slowly walks up to me and stops right in front of me.  I see a tear falling down Josh his cheek.  I raise my hand and I wipe it away. 

"Why are you crying?" I ask him. 

"I don't know" He smiles. I wrap my arms around him and he does the same. We stay like that for a while. We pull back and I look into his eyes. Without any hesitation I press my lips to his. Josh answers it right away and does the same. I can feel his thong running over my bottom lip and I slightly open my mouth. We explore each others mouths and after a few minutes we pull back, because we can hear a car pulling up on the driveway. 

"I guess that's my mum" Josh says, with a flushed face. I smile at him and we walk back in. We walk downstairs to meet his mum, brother and sister. 

"Hello boys!" She says with a happy voice. We both say hello back. They walk into the living room and Josh quickly hands me a t-shirt. We put them on and also walk into the living room. Kathryn is making tea and Josh and I are sitting down on the couch. I grab my phone from the pocket of the sweats and look at the time. 


Wow, we were going to sleep really early. I text my mum that I'm staying here tonight. 

Kathryn comes in with the cups of tea and we all drink it. We stay downstairs for another hour and then me and Josh get up again. We walk into his room and lay down on the bed. I look at Josh and he does the same. He smiles at me and gives me a kiss. I yawn and he wraps his arms around me. I lay head on his chest and close me eyes. 

"G'night George" I hear Josh whisper before I doze off. 


**** Next morning ****


I open my eyes and my head is laying on something hard. It slowly 'bounces' up and down. I look up and see Josh laying there. Owh yeah, I fell asleep with him. 

I smile at the thought of it. His arms are wrapped around my waist. I look at him. His eyes closed, light snored coming out  his mouth. While I look at him, he stops snoring and he slowly opens his eyes. He looks at me and starts smiling. 

"Hey" he says with an amazing, sexy morning voice.

"Hey"  I say back. He wraps his arms around me even tighter than he already did and because of that I fall onto him. We start laughing and I look into his eyes. I instantly drown in them. He softly kisses me and my head is going numb. When we pull back, we get up and walk downstairs. We walk into the kitchen where Kathryn is making breakfast. 

"Goodmorning boys!" She says happily. 

"Goodmorning" Josh and I say in sync. We start laughing and sit down at the kitchen table. Kathryn gives the both of us a plate full of pancakes and we dig in right away. 

After we ate everything, me and Josh planned a film-day. His family went away for the day, so we would be all alone. Right now we are laying on the couch, watching The Titanic.

My phone suddenly starts ringing and I pick it up. 

"GEORGE WHERE ARE YOU?! you would be here an hour ago!!" I hear JJ shout through the phone. 

"Oh shoot, I forgot! I'm so sorry, I'll be there as soon as possible! Bye!"  I say and hang up again. "I'm so sorry, I have to go. My friend JJ, was going to tell me some big news, but I forgot" I say, feeling guilty. 

"It's okay, now change your clothes and get out" he laughs. I run up the stairs to put on my own clothes. I run downstairs again and put on my shoes. Josh walks into the hallway and opens the door. I want to walk out, but Josh pulls me back. He presses his lips on mine for a short kiss and pushes me out. I start laughing when he closes the door and looks through the small window. He has that puppy-face-look thing again, and it's so cute!

I turn around and run to my house. I get in and run up the stairs. I quickly change my clothes and then I get into my car. 20 Minutes later I arrive at JJ's house. 



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