Doctor who lines and facts

Just some Doctor Who facts and some of the best lines the Doctor and his companions say. Includes some classic Doctor Who. Most facts are found online or in the books "Who-ology" and "50th anniversary essential guide". Both are great guides. They have just about everything on Doctor Who.


11. more facts

First Doctor:

When Doctor Who fist started, stories alternated between science fiction and historical adventures.


The one eyed Monoids were achieved by the actor holding a fake eye in front of his mouth.


Second Doctor:

The evil of the Daleks episode was intended to be the last dalek episode, so they could make a dalek side series. Dew to funding, it never happened.


Wendy Padbury later became a theatrical agent- one of her clients being Matt Smith.


The small Quarks were 'operated' by school children.


The Fourth Doctor

The motorized K-9 broke down a lot. 


The Fifth Doctor

Nyssa was not intended to be a companian.


The Eighth Doctor



Grace Holloway was the first companoin to be kissed by the Doctor.


The Ninth Doctor


John Barrowman is from England. He just grew up in America.


The Tenth Doctor


David Tennant's real name is David Mcdonald..


In the episode Tooth and Claw, David Tennant was using his real accent.


Midnight and Turn left were made at the same time. That's why Donna only appears briefly in Midnight and The Doctor only appears briefly in Turn Left.


The Eleventh Doctor


Mark Williams, who played Rory's dad Brian, also played Ron's dad in Harry potter. That must make Rory and Ron brothers.


The silence were based on the painting The Scream.




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