Liam's Girl

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2. Julien Brochestie-Poalia

I was nervous, I didn't have to dance in front of Julien until tomorrow, but for some reason I couldn't stop shaking.

"You okay Abby?" Casey asked me as we arrived back at our flats. 

"Laurie wants Kaitlyn and I to dance in front of Julien Brochestie-Poalia tomorrow," I mumbled, it sounded like one long word but somehow, Casey understood me.

"Oh my god, when you're famous, remember me," He chuckled and opened his car door. I copied and we both got out the car and began to walk into the flats.

"I'll always remember you, it's whether you'll remember me when you become famous," I giggled and he shook his head.

"Not good enough," He muttered.

"Not true," I whispered, punching his shoulder playfully. We finally arrived at our apartment and I opened the front door. I put my dance bag in my room and then sat on the sofa which was in our living area. Casey sat next to me and we watched TV for a while. It was nine o' clock when we wanted food and it was too late to cook anything so we ordered pizza. It came within thirty minutes so we were pretty happy.

"What dance are you doing for Julien?" Casey questioned as he bit into a slice of cheese pizza.

"A dance Kaitlyn and I created this morning, it's about losing a close friend," I explained as I drunk some of my Pepsi.

"Are you okay with that?" He frowned.

"Yeah, dancing helps, it relieves the pain," I smiled and chucked a small chip at him. He shook his head, laughing.

"Don't throw chips at Julien," Casey joked.

"Aww, you ruined my show stopper ending, I was going to chuck chips at him and shout Potato at the top of my voice," I sighed. Casey just grinned and munched on another slice of pizza.

"You better get some sleep then, it's ten o' clock already," Casey stood up and took the empty pizza box with him, he slipped it into the bin and poured himself a glass of Pepsi.

"Yes dad," I groaned, rolling my eyes at him. I wandered into my room and quickly changed. I brushed my teeth and washed my face before putting my hair into a low ponytail to sleep in. I was expecting it to be hard to fall asleep, but as soon as my head touched the pillow, I fell asleep almost instantly.


"Abby, if you don't get up now, you are going to be late!" Casey shouted. I sat up in my bed, he was right. It was six 'o clock and I had to meet Kaitlyn at half past seven to run through the dance a couple of times.

I got out of bed and had a quick shower. I wanted to look my best for Julien so I blow dried my hair and then put it into a perfect bun, added a pink ribbon which matched my dance outfit. I then pulled on some jogging bottoms and a tee with a hoody and grabbed my dance bag. Casey wasn't meant to be at school either but he told me he would drive me there since it would take me twenty minutes and I'd be late.

"Okay, I'm going to go and record some extra stuff for my song while you practice, what time are you meant to be performing?" Casey asked.

"Ten," I replied. Yes, we had two and a half hours to practice, but this was Julien. Everything had to be flawless.

"I'll be outside the changing rooms at ten to ten," He mumbled as he hugged me.

"Thank you," I whispered as we pulled apart. He walked away from me as I started to jog to the dance studios. Kaitlyn was waiting and she beamed when I walked into the room.

"No one is using Studio A so we can go practice in there," She explained and I nodded. "We need to make sure I can get changed fast enough," She added. I nodded once again and followed her through the door which read A in bold letters.

We did the dance once in our jogging bottoms and tees then decided to change. Just as we were about to put our leotards on, there was a knock on the door. I put my hoody on and answered. Laurie stood there smiling. She was holding a costume bag and handed it to me.

"Good luck," She smiled and then rushed off. I went back into the changing rooms and looked at the outfit

It was perfect. There was also a basic white bra style top and a white floaty skirt for when Kaitlyn changed.

 We practiced a few more times before we decided to use the last ten minutes

"Ab, you in there?" Someone asked, Casey. I walked out the changing room and he gasped.

"Hey," I grinned.

"You look beautiful Abigail," He sighed and hugged me gently. "Good luck," He muttered before I heard Kaitlyn yell that we had to go. "I'll wait here," He added before I ran back into the changing rooms.


Kaitlyn and I walked hand in hand to Studio E, which is the one where we would perform in front of Julien and Laurie.

"Hello girls," Julien smiled.

"Hello, My name is Abigail Brookston," I introduced myself and Kaitlyn copied.

"Whenever you're ready," He bowed his head. I nodded at Kaitlyn and the music began.

We danced perfectly in sync, and we did my favourite move, a cartwheel whilst we were holding hands. Then, Kaitlyn fell. Again I rushed over to her but she got up and twirled of back into the changing rooms.

My sad solo started and I poured every single emotion into it. My eyes were watery and I knew I was going to cry but I tried not to. My final move came, a dive cartwheel and then I had to do a handstand, split my legs whilst still doing a handstand and then lower myself onto the studio floor. I was on the floor again when Kaitlyn gracefully came back. We repeated the happy dance again, in sync and finished in the same pose we had started in. I was crying.

Julien clapped and both Kaitlyn and I hugged each other and thanked Laurie.

"Girls, Kaitlyn, you are a very good dancer, your lines are perfect and your emotions are great, I would like to offer you a scholarship to the Brochestie-Poalia Dance Studio," He stated. Kaitlyn screamed and I hugged her.

"However, Miss Brookston," He began, my gaze fell to the floor. I couldn't face this. "I want you to come with me to a meeting I have, it's at four 'o clock so meet me at the reception office at half past three," He spoke and then he left the studio. My eyes were wide and so were Laurie's.

I ran through the changing rooms and found Casey sat on the floor. He got up as soon as he saw me.

"It went good?" He asked. I nodded and hugged him. I could feel him smiling. "What happened?"

"He wants to take me to an interview," I almost screamed.

"That's amazing," Casey beamed and hugged me tighter. "Although, next time, try not to scream in my ear," He chuckled. I kissed his cheek and returned to the changing rooms to get changed.


Julien had met me at the office at half three just like he said, and I was now in a funny office type building waiting to be called in. Finally I was and I entered the room that Julien had disappeared into ten minutes ago. There was other men and women in the room also.

"Introduce yourself," He mouthed. "Talk about dance,"

"Hello, My name is Abigail Brookston and I am eighteen years old. I have been dancing since I was four years old and I am now studying at The University Of Music And Dance," I finished, giving them a smile.

"Would you please show us some moves?" A man asked.

"Dive cartwheel," Julien instructed, I did a perfect dive cartwheel. "Handstand into elbow stand into crab into standing," Again I followed his instructions.

I had to show the ballet and more acrobatic moves before I could meet 'the boys' I had no idea who 'the boys' were, but I was hoping they were nice.

"Lastly, Miss Brookston, what are your opinions on One Direction?" The boss man asked.

"They seem like nice guys, and their voices are amazing," I smiled.

"Good, She's our girl," They told Julien.

The door opened and I turned my head to see who had come in.

"Abigail, this is Louis, Harry, Niall. Zayn and finally Liam," The man spoke.

"Boys, meet your new dancer,"









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