Liam's Girl

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1. Abigail Brookston

Hi, I'm Abigail Brookston and I am eighteen years of age and I live in a flat in London with my best friend Casey Parker. We have been best friends since the age of two. so moving in together has been the best choice of my life, we always joked that we were twins and that we were separated at birth because we finish each other sentences and all that!

Casey is eighteen too and he is probably the only boy I've met that isn't a jerk. He's such a nice guy, he cares about me too, in a brotherly way.

We both work at the coffee shop down the street, and we both go to the same university!

We go to The University Of Music And Dance, he goes because he is an amazing singer, and I go there because my passion is dance.

I'm not that bad at it either! I started when I was four and I have never stopped. Well that's not entirely true, but I don't really want to talk about it.

Anyway, this is my story of how I became who I am today.


"Come on Abby, we're going to be late," Casey called. I rolled over in my warm bed, slowly removing the duvet from my body.

"I'm tired," I moaned and Casey entered my bedroom.

"Get up now," He demanded chucking a pair of purple skinny jeans at me, I frowned at him.

"I don't want to,"

"Abigail, get up and get dressed we're leaving in thirty minutes," He left the room and I stood up, muttering curse words.

I love Casey, every morning he makes sure I get up to go to University and to be honest without him I would have been kicked out long ago. I stood up and took my pajamas off, replacing them with underwear. I pulled on the skinny jeans and then picked out a cute top to go with them.

I was never, and will never be the girl who goes into public places and wears tops to show off her boobs, or that girl that wears shorts so short she may as well just wear nothing. I hate that look, of course that's just my opinion but whatever. I mean I have to wear shorts to dance, but the whole class does, and I don't wear really short ones.

I walked into my bathroom which was attached to my room. I brushed my teeth and sorted my hair into a high ponytail. I then quickly stuffed my light blue leotard and black gym shorts into my bag as well as my water bottle and lunch money.

"Okay I'm ready," I yelled as I entered the living room. Casey smiled at me.

"New record!" Casey jumped up and down, celebrating the fact that I had beaten my record for getting up.

"How much," I quizzed.

"Twelve seconds," He chuckled. He picked up his car keys and then we left our flat, but not before checking all the windows were shut. Casey locked the door behind us and then we made our way down the flight of stairs since the elevator had stopped working a week ago. Once we had reached the car park, Casey unlocked his car and we both jumped in. He drove us to the University and we both parted, I went to the left of the building, the dancing side, and he went to the right, to the singing side.

"See you at lunch," I shouted and he turned round.

"Okay, have a nice morning," He called back. I jogged into the classroom I was meant to be in and sat next to Kaitlyn, she was my age and we were really good friends, but not as close as Casey and I.

"Hey Abigail," Kaitlyn smiled at me and I beamed back. We shared a quick hug before the bell rang, meaning we had to sit in silence until the teacher came into the room.

Our teacher was called Ms. Povell but she made us call her Laurie.

"Are you all present?" She asked in her high pitched voice. You would think it would get annoying but it never did, Laurie's voice was too gentle to get annoyed.

"Okay then class, today you must work in pairs, you must produce a dance to represent how you would feel if you someone had broken you heart," Laurie explained. "Pick your partners and then go change, meet me in the gym in ten minutes," She added. We all nodded and she left the room to set the gym up.

Kaitlyn and I had already decided that we were going to work together so we went straight to the changing rooms, our class was only small, only ten girls. No boys in our class, we had to be in single sex groups for some reason.

I quickly got changed and carried my water bottle through to the gym, eventually all the girls did the same.

"You have all morning and half of the afternoon, the other half will be you performing your routine," Laurie clapped her hands twice and we immediately ran into our sections of the gym.

A pair in each corner and one pair in the middle, luckily Kaitlyn and I got a corner.

"Okay, so what should we base this dance on?" Kaitlyn asked as we started to stretch.

"I was thinking, maybe losing a really good friend?" I suggested and Kaitlyn's eyes lit up.

"That's a great idea, but are you sure because this topic is really personal and I don't want you-,"

"Kaitlyn, I'm fine okay, I need to do this to help get over it," I sighed and she nodded.

Once we had finished stretching we worked on the routine, it was amazing.

"Okay class, lunchtime!" Laurie called and we all thanked her before leaving the gym.

I pulled off my shorts and then put my skinny jeans on, I covered the rest of my leotard with my hoody.

Kaitlyn and I ran into lunch. Casey was sat at a table waiting for us with his other mate, Daniel.

"Hey sweetheart," Daniel called. Oh I forget to tell you, Kaitlyn and Daniel are dating.

"Let's get some lunch?" I said and we all went to order food from the subway which was built into the Uni.

Lunchtime finished quickly but I wasn't bothered, it meant that Kaitlyn and I would be able to finish our dance.

We ran back into the changing rooms and I quickly yanked off my hoody and skinny jeans and then put my shorts back on. We raced into the gym and luckily we made it just in time.

We had half of the afternoon to practice and finalize our routines.

"Okay class, let's start the performances," Laurie decided and we all sat at the sides. We were last. Everyone had done their dances on break ups, I was suddenly nervous.

"Okay then, Kaitlyn and Abigail your turn," We stood up and walked into the middle of the gym.

We started by dancing happily together in sync until Kaitlyn fell over, (In the dance) I rushed over to her but I was too late she picked her self up and the ran elegantly off into the changing rooms. I did a sad solo, looking as upset as possible, I ended on my knees, pretending to cry. Kaitlyn had changed into her white leotard and white skirt (We have to keep spare skirts, shorts and leotards in our lockers as well as bringing one everyday) and so ran behind me and tapped on my shoulder. I turned and smiled, and then we repeated the happy dance. We finished in the same pose we started.

Laurie smiled and clapped.

"Well done girls, that was, so unique but beautiful, I want you to come back here tomorrow, I know it is your day off but I want you to dance that in front of Julien," Laurie beamed.

The whole gym gasped.

Julien Brochestie-Poalia the one person you have to impress to make it big in the dancing world. If you impress him, then you are a good dancer.

And Laurie thought we were good enough.


















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