Hi My name is Abby Green, i live in London England
I have a dream about One Direction that I get to meet them in person and it comes true. about

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1. Introduction to the Characters


Abby Green >


Niall Horan > 

Harry Styles > 

Liam Payne > 

Louis Tomlinson > 

Zayn Malik > 


Abby's Mum (Debbie Green) > 

Hello My name is Abby Green , I am 19 year's old , I live with my mum in London.

I don't have a dad because he died in a car accident ,  I miss him so much but I have my mum and I will always Love her till I die.


*Abby's POV*

I woke up this morning to the sun shining through my bedroom window, I got out of bed and went to have a shower. It was very refreshing. When I got out of the shower I dried myself off and put my undergarments on. This is my outfit > 

I went downstairs I saw my mum in the kitchen drinking her coffee , I ran to the other side of her and kissed her cheek saying " Good Morning Mummy" ,she said back " Morning Honey hurry up with your breakfast because you are going to be late for school"  . I replied back to her " OK mum  , I'm not hungry I will have something to eat at school ok love you bye" ,  then she said " OK love you too honey bye".  


 I went out the door my school bag was already in the car all packed , I got into my car it is an fiat 500 and the color is light blue > 


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