Angel Boy

Destiny Jade is a typical prom queen. Pretty, popular, rich and a favourite with the boys, she doesn't think her life could be better.
Clarissa is shy and clever. She has friends, but they're not the cool ones. She's not popular with the boys, but she doesn't want to be.
Until Will comes along.
The arrival of perfect new boy Will changes both these girls lives forever. But soon they both realise that when something seems too good to be true, something weird is going on...


8. Note from the Author

Hi guys! 

Sorry, this has been really dull. It'll get more exciting soon, I swear. I'll be doing new chapters every week, and it should get more interesting!  Also the chapters will be getting longer now! 

If you like this, plz recommend it to your friends, as this is my first movella, and I really want to get popular on movellas!


P.s add me on kik. My name is mynameislolly. 

P.p.s anyone wanna co-author?

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