Angel Boy

Destiny Jade is a typical prom queen. Pretty, popular, rich and a favourite with the boys, she doesn't think her life could be better.
Clarissa is shy and clever. She has friends, but they're not the cool ones. She's not popular with the boys, but she doesn't want to be.
Until Will comes along.
The arrival of perfect new boy Will changes both these girls lives forever. But soon they both realise that when something seems too good to be true, something weird is going on...


10. Jealousy


It was so weird seeing her with him. At first she seemed really interested in me, but now she just treats me like a friend. It's so weird, as normally girls would almost kill for me. But what was weird was that they had been together three months now, and they hadn't even had a single row. How the bell can they go three months without rowing? The three of them are horrendous like that. If they're not jabbering on about what amazing thing Ollie or calum or jayden has recently done, they be sighing, doodling jess/Charlotte/clary & Ollie/calum/jayden 4ever in hearts all over their books or hands, gazing into space, or absent-mindedly making heart signs with their hands. And now me and Ollie were really close mates, and Ollie spent about 10 hours a day with jess (the gorgeous brunette. Sigh.) I had to spend loads of time with clary. And DJ kept hanging onto my every word. I felt really sorry for poor Cameron, DJ's boyfriend, who got very much neglected %95 of the time. Jeez, it was like being a pot of honey and DJ the bees! The time I loved was in lessons. When it was just me and clary. And the time when me,jess,clary and Ollie sat together in geography and history and we just messed around. We did literally no work at all. It was so weird, seeing them together. I got this weird feeling. Something I've never felt before. And for her. I felt something when I was around her. Like I wanted to crawl under a rock and hide there.

This feeling I got, I think it was, well, Jealousy.

 And well, what I felt for her, 

I think it was, well,


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