Angel Boy

Destiny Jade is a typical prom queen. Pretty, popular, rich and a favourite with the boys, she doesn't think her life could be better.
Clarissa is shy and clever. She has friends, but they're not the cool ones. She's not popular with the boys, but she doesn't want to be.
Until Will comes along.
The arrival of perfect new boy Will changes both these girls lives forever. But soon they both realise that when something seems too good to be true, something weird is going on...


6. history

Destiny Jade

On my way to history I made sure I fitted in a brief snog sesh with Cameron. It does wonders for my reputation,loving my boyfriend and him loving me. He's probably just a temporary boyfriend until someone hotter comes along. Just before we get into history, I give Cameron a longer, more meaningful Kiss, the kind you see in romance movies. Then again when we sit down. "Cameron babe, you know I only love yoooouuuuuuu..." and I lean in to kiss him again. "DESTINY Jade, Cameron, is that really necessary in MY class?" Mrs Namuire queries. Just than Clarissa wanders in and plonks down on her seat. "Sorry I'm late miss" she mutters as she walks past. "Destiny Jade Darling... Clarissa Dunnst..." Mrs Namuire calls. I notice Clarissa rummaging through her bag, evidently looking for her pencil case. "Need a pen?" I mouth at her, and chuck a biro in her direction. "Thanks" she mouths back. "Ooh, yes. We  have a new boy." Announces Mrs Namuire. "William Helven." I stare at him, open mouthed. Christ, he was hot. I turn to the seat next to me, which was taken by Cameron. Crap. There went my chances with the hot new boy.      "Hmmm, now where shall we put you.... there's a good spot. Next to Clarissa. Clarissa! Raise your hand so William knows who you are!" Everyone turns to stare at her just in time to watch her cheeks flush as red as her hair.

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