Angel Boy

Destiny Jade is a typical prom queen. Pretty, popular, rich and a favourite with the boys, she doesn't think her life could be better.
Clarissa is shy and clever. She has friends, but they're not the cool ones. She's not popular with the boys, but she doesn't want to be.
Until Will comes along.
The arrival of perfect new boy Will changes both these girls lives forever. But soon they both realise that when something seems too good to be true, something weird is going on...


7. First Lesson


I waited outside the door for the teacher to stop talking.I looked at all the girls to see which ones were DJ and Clarissa. I spotted DJ straight away. Dyed brown hair, too much lipstick, badly blotted mascara, little skirt hanging way up her knees, wedged vans, knotted up shirt, purple t shirt under her jumper, opaque tights, bestseller finger nails, the list goes on and on. Basically she was a stereotype slut. There were several Clarissa candidates. First there was the blond girl with pretty blue eyes that was staring into space, the redhead who was doodling on the back of her hand with a black biro, and the gorgeous brunette who's hand was out of sight under the table, but I could see her hand intwined with a boy with a cheeky yet intent look on his face hand. Not the brunette, the brief said she didn't want a boyfriend. Too bad. I liked the look of that brunette, and by the looks on the other guys adoring faces, others did too. So that left the blond and the redhead. The teacher, Mrs Namuire, beckoned for me to cOme in. As i walked in, the mouths of several girls dropped. In fact, all the girls, except the brunette, who was still gazing at the guy sitting next to her, obviously her boyfriend. Grrrrr. "This is William Helven." Mrs Namuire said to the class. "Hmmm, now where shall we put you...there's a good spot. Next to Clarissa. Clarissa! Raise your hand so William knows who you are!" Everyone turned to stare at the girl who was obviously Clarissa. Aha! So she was the redhead. The redhead who's cheeks were now the colour of DJ's lipstick, the colour of her hair. Fire engine red. As I sat down on the chair, she shyly said "hi, I'm Clarissa, but my friends call me clary." She smiled. "Hi clary, I'm William but you can call me will". I returned the smile. "Well hi will, hope you like it here at Peville High." 

"If you two like talking so much, you can be dismissed to Mrs Shalt and talk to HER about why you weren't doing your paragraph on the assassination of Julius Caesar! If you don't, I strongly suggest you get on with your work." Mrs Namuire scolded. She grinned and I grinned back. Looked like my assignment was well and truly underway.

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