Angel Boy

Destiny Jade is a typical prom queen. Pretty, popular, rich and a favourite with the boys, she doesn't think her life could be better.
Clarissa is shy and clever. She has friends, but they're not the cool ones. She's not popular with the boys, but she doesn't want to be.
Until Will comes along.
The arrival of perfect new boy Will changes both these girls lives forever. But soon they both realise that when something seems too good to be true, something weird is going on...


5. First Impressions


i waner to my next class, history. I shrug off my jacket and slumP

down on the chair. Where I can help it, I have my own desk. Which means a two person desk for one person. I like to be on my own. "Destiny-Jade Darling, Kaitlyn Doner, Clarissa Dunnster..." the teacher calls out, doing the register. I look for my pen, but can't seem to find it. I hear someone calling my name, and look up to see Destiny Jade asking me if i want a pen, which she than chucks at me. I catch it, and mouth thank you at her. I pick up the pen and doodle on the back of my hand.  "Ooh, yes. We have a new boy." Announces Mrs Namuire "William Helven." As he comes into the classroom, the jaw of every girl in the class drops. He is gorgeous. He is tall and broad shouldered with blue eyes and brown hair fluffed up in a quiff. Every girls eyes swivel to the chair next to them, to see if it's empty. Except jess, who just reaches for ollie's hand.they are seriously cute together. "Hmm, now where shall we put you... there's a good spot. Next to clarissa. Clarissa! Raise your hand so William knows who you are!" My face turns as red as my hair as I weakly wave my hand. 


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