He Came Back

He just showed up out of the blue. "What's a girl like me suppose to do?" I asked "Girl like you?" he asked me. "Yeah?" I said puzzled. "There are no girls like you." He just showed up and expected me to go with him. He was called The Doctor(Matt Smith). I remember watching a TV show called Doctor Who when I was younger, he was a fictional character. F-I-C-T-I-O-N-A-L. Why was he here? Realer than real.


1. Chapter 1

"Hello. I'm The Doctor and I'm here to save you." "What?" "Please just get in the tardis." he said. "The what?" I asked. "The tardis." "It's not real." "What? Of course its real." he said. "Who are you?" I asked. "I'm pretty sure I told you I was The Doctor." "You're here to save me?" I asked. "Yes, its a big wide universe and you need to be saved." "From what?" "This is what I was afraid of." "What are you talking about?" I was so confused. "Try to remember. Remember back to when you were a little girl, that television show you watched, what was it called?" "Doctor Who?" "Oh I love that." he said. "Love what?" "Say it again." "Doctor Who." I said. "Never gets old, anyway it's very important that you never forget that." "The name of the TV show I used to watch?" I asked. "Yes, never forget it." "Why?" "You were the only person in the entire world who was able to see it, and you never told anybody." "What? No, that's impossible, my little sister watched it with me all the time." "That's what you thought, you were seeing Doctor Who and your sister was watching something completly different." "How does that work?" I asked. "It's actually very a complicated situation." "Doctor." I said. "You need to coem with me right now. We need to go." "Where?" "Just away, far away from here." he said. "I can't just drop everything and leave." "You need to. It's really not an option." he said. "What's a girl like me suppose to do?" I asked. "Girl like you?" he asked me. "Yeah?" I said puzzled. "There are no girls like you."

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